Make your business stand out this summer – what a building clean can really do

How would you describe your commercial building? More importantly, how would visitors to your business describe it? The curb appeal of your building is a big deal – it can either attract new customers or keep your business hidden in the background.

The appearance of your property is as importance as the appearance of your packaging. A dirty building creates in the minds of your customers, potential customers and staff that your business is not very efficient and sets a low standard of service or quality of product.

Building improvements go beyond aesthetics and can affect your bottom line. By making just a few cosmetic improvements to your building’s exterior, you can:
• Increase customer traffic
• Increase the value of your property
• Attract high-quality tenants
• Make your building stand out among competitors

We have all the specialist equipment required for a complete building clean. We have cleaned commercial and industrial buildings for over 25 years and building clean everything from hotels to industrial complexes.

Four ways to Improve the appearance of Your Commercial Building:

1 – Clearing and repairing all gutters and removing any plant growth
2 – Cleaning and repairing all pathways and car parks
3 – Clean and repair building facade
If your building is more than 10 years old, chances are dirt and grime from all those years of rain, snow, wind and traffic have built up on the exterior. A pressure wash, steam clean (DOFF) or media blasting can solve that problem and reveal the beautiful original building underneath.
4 – Invest in Landscaping
A freshly-manicured look and well-placed greenery can draw the eye of passers-by and welcome customers to do business with you. Your landscaping says a lot about your business, so it’s important to keep up with it.
Well-placed flowers can add colour to otherwise bland surroundings. Manicured bushes and lawns improve the aesthetic value of your property. Pathways and borders of pavers, bricks, or stones are another wonderful way to enhance curb appeal.

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