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The DOFF cleaning system heats up water up to 150°C creating high temperature steam. This is also easily adjustable to ensure even the most difficult of marks can be removed. It is an easy and quick system to use for cleaning, not to mention easily transportable from different locations. Although a form of media blasting, it is a non-destructive cleaning solution andit is unlikely to damage the surfaces targeted. This also means that it can be used on softer materials such as wood and soapstone. Instead, it is the high temperatures that help remove algae, paint, graffiti, limescale etc without disturbing surfaces or structures, as well as oil and grease.

DOFF cleaning can also be used for graffiti removal from a building without damaging the façade, as well as for soot removal, following fire & smoke damage at a property. The DOFF system is perfect for brick cleaning, stone building cleaning, high-rise facades and more.  

Case Study

DOFF Paint Removal, Hastings

CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration were tasked with removing old flaking paint from an iconic 14-storey building on the Sussex Coast in preparation for repainting.

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