Tips for First Time Buyers

House key first time buyer

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will ever make so it is important to do as much research as possible before putting in your offer. If you are buying your first property it can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many things to consider. It is always recommended to get a detailed survey done on a property’s condition before actually buying the property, but here are a few tips to help you to make the right decision & get to that point, so you can budget accordingly:


Although some leaks can be hidden, there are some signs to look out for:

  • A mouldy smell, flaking plaster or watermarked walls & ceilings
  • Look at skirting boards to ensure no peeling paint
  • Lifting or peeling wallpaper
  • A freshly repainted room may have been done to cover up damp

External Windows

The state of a property’s external windows is a great indicator of the property’s overall state of repair. If a property has wooden frames – if you can put your finger through, it is rotten. If there is condensation between the windows they are likely to be faulty. If windows are new then it is important to obtain the FENSA certificate which should have a guarantee.

The Roof

It is important to get the roof checked to determine how old it is – older roofs can sometimes have unsealed edges. If a property has a flat roof, try to find out the material used to seal it.


Check the water pressure by running taps and find out whether the pipes are insulated and if the radiators are working correctly. Finding out how old the boiler is will give you a good idea of a property’s plumbing situation and by being made aware of any known faults means there is less chance of a nasty surprise.


Before you secure the purchase, get the electrics checked – a survey will not inspect the state of the property’s electrics, so make sure you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report done to ensure your new home is safe and you aren’t left with a huge unexpected bill – to get a property rewired can cost thousands of pounds.


You may be unaware of the risk of flooding to the property or be unfamiliar with the area. Estate agents don’t always inform buyers of a property’s flood risk or may be unaware themselves. There are things you can do to help determine the level of flood risk:

  • Do some research in the area to see if it is at risk of flooding, such as as checking if the property is located close to a river or ask locals in the area if it is a potential issue.
  • Check if the property is in an area at risk of flooding and the type of flooding it may be at risk from. Check your risk on the Environment Agency’s website
  • The property’s address may give clues as to the risk of flooding eg. River Lodge.

Don’t forget to ensure your insurance policy covers damage from flooding to your building & contents.

Sometimes an unexpected disaster may still strike – if you do experience a flood in your property, CPL trading as Rainbow International offer an out of hours service 24/7 for emergencies, covering the South East including East & West Sussex, Surrey, Kent & London. The company are also experts in leak detection, mould remediation and damp surveys.

It is the company’s aim to provide you with a worthwhile solution while helping you to get everything solved as simply and stress free as possible in order for you to return to normal life. CPL t/a Rainbow International understand the importance of providing rapid assistance in the time of an emergency, as damage caused by water/floods can have long lasting consequences.

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