Dry out your property fully after a water leak or flood

water leak

A water leak or flood can start from any source inside or outside a property and may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. It’s very important to detect and fix a water leak as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture spreading throughout the house or commercial premises. A plumber can help you fix the water leak and cap the pipe but they can’t dry out the property.
You also need to identify all water, extract it using a dehumidifier, store and then restore water damaged furniture, fittings and fixtures. It’s important therefore to bring in the professionals who are expert at removing moisture from the property including hidden places like airing cupboards and lofts.

If you have a water leak or flood, you don’t just need a plumber, you need water damage restoration experts

 CPL t/a Rainbow International has been contacted recently by a customer who had a water leak from their washing machine. The inlet pipe which carries cold water into the machine was faulty causing water to flood the kitchen, lounge, hall and bedroom. First, the customer noticed a wet carpet in the hall eight weeks ago. When he looked further, he noticed water damage under the linoleum in the kitchen and under the laminate flooring. Moisture had affected the walls as well as the floors of the adjacent rooms.
Clearly it is not sufficient to fix the water leak. CPL t/a Rainbow International assessed and recorded the damage including compiling an inventory of contents that the customer will need to give to his insurance company and loss adjuster. Once we identified all the damage throughout the property, we quoted to store and dry out contents in three bays and to dry out and deep clean the fabric of the building.

Floor mat

Then the water damage restoration work began. Our experienced technicians at CPL t/a Rainbow International used DAD floor mats and a heat box drying system to dry out the concrete slab under the flooring. Floor mats are designed to dry localized areas of flooring damaged by water and moisture. These specialised mats are typically used to target the difficult to dry areas of a property i.e. dense materials such as concrete slabs, hardwood floors, and tile.
Micro jets of precision controlled heat direct air toward the surface of the material. This focuses the thermal energy into the wet material rather than heating up all of the air in the room, and waiting for it to dry out the material.
Increasing the in-depth temperature of the material significantly increases the rate of evaporation from trapped moisture in the material. These micro jets of air are essential because they break the boundary layer or surface tension and allow additional moisture to rise to the surface.

An initial assessment of the water leak or flood is very important to dry out a property successfully.

Costs can escalate if the water leak is hidden but you may not need to destroy and replace flooring, for example, if you call CPL t/a Rainbow International immediately. Our engineers carry a full range of state of the art water leak detection equipment including moisture mapping, thermal imaging, audio location and bore-scope cameras. We use a number of different tools such as electronic listening devices, thermal imaging cameras and protimeters to detect water and identify the location and scale of the problem.
Once the water leak has been fixed and flood and standing water extracted, CPL t/a Rainbow International may use an alternative method to dry your building called injection drying. It’s a sophisticated technique that complements floor blowers, dehumidifiers and heaters by targeting trapped moisture in inaccessible places. You drill small holes to enable pipes to focus dry air into wet cavities behind walls, floors and ceilings. Pipes collect the moisture and then force dry air into the fabric of the building using a hose system connected to the pre-drilled holes.

Dry out your property with injection drying: it avoids the need for concrete floors and walls to be stripped out

dry out
Injection drying is cost-effective and quiet which means customers can remain in the property while the work is carried out. Quick installation allows customers to continue to use the affected rooms without disruption. Injection drying is important because in modern, insulated buildings, surface drying techniques like using a dehumidifier may be unable to remove trapped moisture completely.
Once the moisture is trapped it can’t get back out into the air which means it may spread unseen causing secondary damage to areas that were previously unaffected or areas that have already been cleaned. If you don’t call in the experts, your building can be deteriorating for months after the initial clean-up before you realise.

You can choose to remain at home during the dry out or temporarily relocate

If you choose to remain in your property while the clean-up is undertaken, we can offer on-site and off-site drying of contents. We will restore as much furniture as possible: We have a variety of techniques for drying wood, walls, carpets and soft furnishings.
Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to store contents off-site in our secure storage while we treat the fabric of the building and make it water tight again but this is not essential. We understand that some customers prefer to remain in their property with their possessions and may not be able to make arrangements or bear the cost of moving out. Your insurance company may pay for relocation but not always immediately which may compound an already stressful situation.
At CPL t/a Rainbow International we will prioritise your health, safety and comfort and we offer a quick, efficient, professional service. We’ll help you check that your utilities (gas, electricity and water) are safe to use. We’ll transport contents to dry parts of the property and keep pets safe throughout the water restoration process. We’ll keep you fully informed throughout the clean-up operation. If you have questions about making an insurance claim, do not hesitate to ask us because we have many years’ experience gathering the evidence insurers and loss adjusters need. We take the stress out of the clean-up and insurance claim process.

With CPL t/a Rainbow International you are in safe hands