Commercial cleaning keeps your high rise building sparkling and your business profitable

commercial cleaning

It’s not possible to overestimate the importance of commercial cleaning to ensure a well-maintained building that houses your premises. Your high rise building must be cleaned with a pressure washer. First impressions matter and your business needs to look its best as your client gets out of his or her car to meet you for the first time.

Your building also needs commercial cleaning with a pressure washer and to be painted to remain a hygienic workplace that meets health and safety standards. If your high rise building is clean and in good condition, it will also be protected from disrepair, cutting down your maintenance costs and preserving it for the long-term.

A building like a shop front can quickly become dirty because of bird droppings, pollution, graffiti, algae and grime that make it a scar on the environment. An unkempt building will keep shoppers away consciously or subconsciously. You need to keep on top of commercial cleaning to give your business the best chance of success.

A business that takes pride in its building will attract and retain customers because of its professionalism. With more customers, your business will bring in greater revenue and higher profits. CPL t/a Rainbow International will help you with all of your commercial cleaning requirements.

Every customer who leaves your building should leave with a clear desire to return

In July 2016 CPL t/a Rainbow International cleaned the front of Jury’s Waterfront hotel building in Brighton with a pressure washer because it had become encrusted with dirt and algae. This was a complex job because the seafront is one of the busiest areas of Brighton for both traffic and pedestrians. CPL t/a Rainbow International had to clean up the façade with a pressure washer while causing minimum disruption to passers-by. We also had to use machinery to access the high rise storeys of the building and avoid the need for expensive scaffolding.

pressure washer

CPL t/a Rainbow International  has an expert technician team who can clean anything in hard to reach, high rise areas both inside and outside your property using our state of the art equipment and industrial cleaning services. Areas suitable for commercial cleaning include windows, cladding, stonework and masonry, guttering, duct cleaning and the façade of your building.

We are skilled at removing soot following a fire and use a pressure washer or grit and soda blasting to get the best results. We clean restricted and hard to reach areas.

We clean car parks, factories and high rise office blocks such as local government blocks. We also clean your roofs and sky lights. CPL t/a Rainbow International’s technician team are all Safe contractor approved and members of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA.)

Commercial cleaning and paint stripping of a fourteen storey building called Marine Court is CPL t/a Rainbow International’s primary achievement this year.

In the summer 0f 2018 paint strippers cleaned a building that was designed to look like the Queen Mary ship in St Leonards-on-Sea. You can watch a video of the men at work and see the scale of the commercial  job which includes drone footage. The building is high rise: 170 feet or 49 metres high and measures 416 feet or 127 metres in length from East to West.

The south elevation of the building is vertical, with balconies imitating the promenade deck aboard the Queen Mary. The upper storeys of Marine Court are stepped-in from those beneath, like the superstructure of a ship, the lower storeys look like the immense hull of a liner. 

The ground floor shop frontages were black, the external walls of Marine Court were painted white but the paint had deteriorated over time and needed to be totally stripped away before the building could be repainted. It needed to be totally stripped away during the commercial cleaning before the building could be repainted. The unusual shape of Marine Court made the job even more complex.

Marine Court survived being damaged at its eastern end by bombing during the Second World War. The restoration took place between 1949 and 1950. The building was awarded Grade-II listing status in 1999.

CPL t/a Rainbow International’s skilled technician team of paint strippers cleaned the façade using an extensive scaffold. It kept them away from pedestrians on the street at ground level and enabled them to access the high rise and very wide building in order to complete the commercial cleaning and repainting.

Very often CPL t/a Rainbow International’s commercial cleaning is part of a project with other contractors in a multi-disciplinary team  

Builder, Tim Martin of Martin & Bowles Ltd worked on Marine Court alongside CPL t/a Rainbow International repainting the building. Surveyor William Blake Associates was also involved in ensuring that the correct paint was used and that all Health and Safety requirements were met during the work and that those materials complied with listed building requirements.

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