Advice for cleaning your windows

It’s recommended that you clean your windows at home at least twice a year. If you own an office building or a shop however, you may want to clean your windows more often to keep your building looking nice for prospective customers and clients. You may choose to clean your windows at home more often and maybe clean them yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it. If so, take a look at the rest of our blog post below for some advice on cleaning your windows at home.

Get the right tool for the job

If you’re going to clean your own windows, you want to make sure you’re using the right tools for the job at hand. Take a look online or pay a visit to your local DIY shop and see what equipment is on offer and decide what would be the most appropriate tool to use. If you’re only cleaning ground floor windows, then you could get away with a small handheld window cleaner such as a squeegee.
Second floor windows will be a bit trickier – but are definitely not impossible to clean yourself. Telescopic window cleaning pols are excellent at reaching high up windows without having to get up on a ladder. If you need to clean windows that are a bit higher up, you may be better off hiring a specialist high access cleaning company to avoid any unnecessary safety risks.

Do you need high access equipment?

As well as telescopic window cleaning poles, there are a range of traditional options to make window cleaning and other projects a bit easier. If you’re cleaning a second floor window you could always use a ladder to get up higher and closer to your windows. Make sure you’re using the right type of ladder for the job and that the ladder is carefully positioned on firm and stable ground. You should also take care to ensure that the ladder is set up correctly in order to minimise any personal risk.

How high up are the windows?

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As touched on earlier in this blog post, if the windows are too high up then you will more than likely be better off hiring a professional company with experience in high access cleaning. If the windows you need to clean are several stories up then cleaning the windows yourself is almost certainly not the most appropriate option. CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International are experienced professionals offering high access cleaning services for clients across Sussex. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.