Flood & Water Damage Cleanup

It can be a nuisance to get your business back on track following a flood, which is why CPL t/a Rainbow International provides expert advice and water damage cleanup assistance for businesses who have suffered from flood and water damage. With a team of professionals we provide a rapid response rate on our 24 hour emergency call out system so that we can provide help when you most need it.

Flooding can be a serious problem and often it is not a quick fix solution. There are a number of issues that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with commercial water damage, and so it is important to rely on an experienced team of professionals who can give you the support and assistance your business needs.

A professional water damage cleanup service

In the event of water damage, it is important to ensure that the commercial premises and furnishings in question are restored to good working condition before you begin work again, so CPL t/a Rainbow International provide a wide range of services in order to restore your company to good working order in order to minimise business down time. We provide the hire of drying equipment, buildings and contents restoration and on-site and off-site drying, water extraction and removal of flood and standing water damage and more. Our Water Damage Cleanup service are used by hospitals, schools, government building and domestic properties.

Sanitisation following a flood is incredibly important as lasting water damage can bring on infections, mould infestations and worse. A flood is often made up of sewage water as well as rain and storm water, so CPL t/a Rainbow International provide a sanitisation and deodorisation service as well as the drying and sanitising of carpets and furnishing to ensure that everything is restored as best as possible.

Plus our controlled waste disposal service ensures that the building is completely clean and clear of waste and sewage so that we can start on repairing and restoring your commercial premises as soon as possible.

The benefits of our water damage cleanup service

We understand the importance of providing rapid assistance in the time of an emergency, as commercial water damage can have long lasting consequences. With many years experience assisting both businesses and personal clients with flood and water damage, have confidence in the professional skills of the team at CPL t/a Rainbow International. We also offer the following services:

Water Damage Cleanup Areas

CPL t/a Rainbow International work throughout the whole of the South East, working with private and commercial customers in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, Brighton and further afield. We have vast experience working with commercial water damage as well as other hazards and issues in both the private and commercial sector. We also work within the public sector and with local governments to help maintain the appearance of public buildings.

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If your office or business has suffered flood or water damage, please do not hesitate to get in touch for fast, reliable assistance and advice. Call us on 03300 240 699 where a member of our water damage cleanup team will provide rapid assistance where needed.