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Sometimes you might have water damage because your property is in a flood zone. On the other hand, your flood and water damage might come from blocked drains or a burst pipe. Accidental damage during building work and demolition can also create serious leaks and flooding. Wherever it comes from, most water damage happens unexpectedly and at the worst time! The water damage these incidents cause can become very serious, very quickly. You will definitely need professional water damage clean-up in these cases.

The longer you leave water damage, the riskier it is to your health. Flood water often contains raw sewage and other dangerous waste materials that need extracting immediately. Sewage clean-up is a hazardous service and should only be performed by trained professionals with specialist equipment. At CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration, we are fully equipped to handle the issues that arise with raw sewage flood damage.

It’s important to know about your property before conducting a water removal regime. That is because water damage can affect walls, floors, soft furnishings and even your building’s structure. Before we start water damage restoration, we will find out how your property was built as the materials used in a listed farmhouse, a Victorian terrace and a new build are very different. That means they respond differently to water and to drying methods.

Once we know what we are dealing with, we will choose the best plan to deal with your water damage restoration. Another major consideration is making sure we can sanitise your premises. In the first place, that involves bringing in specialist flood and water removal equipment. Next, we install rapid drying solutions to remove remaining moisture. We use the latest drying techniques such as pressure drying, injection drying, plate drying and heat mat drying. Each of these methods can help avoid the need for total strip-out and reinstatement. In the long run this will save you both time and money.

After water damage extraction and building drying, we will disinfect and deodorise all areas to prevent mould growth and further problems. With your building stabilised, our flood reinstatement building team can move in. They will then assess how much needs to be stripped out and how to get your property back to its former state.

At CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration, we provide professional water damage restoration services across London, Kent, and the South East. Find out more about our local services: 

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Case Study

Commercial Water Damage, Kent

A series of water damage & flood related incidents in addition to a previous fire, meant Orpington Village Hall couldn't open to the community yet again. Thankfully CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration were able to get them back up and running again.

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