When is the tenant responsible for damp?

Most often condensation and mould is a by-product of the tenant’s activities in the property. Many of the things we do in our daily routine produce steam or heat variances that cause condensation to accumulate in certain areas of the property. Once condensation settles on the surfaces, the water droplets soak inside. Repeated exposures can kickstart mould growing on the surface.

The property doesn’t get enough ventilation

It’s very important to allow enough ventilation through the property.

  • Hot steamy showers cause both a lot of heat and a lot of vapor. If you don’t leave the door open after you used the bathroom, all this steam will condense on the walls and provide a great environment for mould to grow.
  • If you cook on the stove and don’t turn on the extractor or open the nearby window, all the vapors from the cookpot will settle on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets or the ceiling above.
  • If you dry clothes in the room, or on the radiators, all the water will evaporate in the room. Unless there is a way for it to escape, it will get absorbed by the walls and furniture. Doing this for a few months will start causing mould to appear.
  • Your furniture needs air circulation as well. Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes by opening the doors for thirty minutes. Leave space between the backs of wardrobes and the wall. Where possible, position wardrobes and furniture against internal walls, i.e. walls which have a room on both sides, rather than against outside walls.

The property is not heated adequately

Bad heating through the property causes condensation and can allow for mould to grow in some parts of the property. During the cold months, heating must be somewhat even throughout all the rooms. If you only heat the bedroom, while the kitchen stays unheated the temperature difference will produce condensation in the unheated room and mould will start to appear. Set the radiators or central heating system to work all the time and only provide slight background heating. This will be enough to keep the room warm enough to prevent condensation.
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