Factory Cleaning

Factory cleaning specialists for over 19 years. Running a manufacturing-based business in the UK can be challenging, and keeping it clean can be even tougher. CPL t/a Rainbow International are able to ensure that your factory cleaning and maintenance are completed to the highest standard possible.

We have vast experience in warehouse cleaning and restoration services within factories and other commercial properties, whether it is a one-off deep clean or on a regular contract basis.

About Us

CPL t/a Rainbow International are a leading specialist cleaning company across the South East, providing professional cleaning services for both commercial and domestic properties across Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Our service is both professional and competitively priced, with a team of highly skilled and experienced operatives onboard to ensure services are carried out to the highest possible standard.

A Rapid and Efficient Cleaning Service

Timing is key for factory work, we understand that you have production deadlines and we work with you to ensure that our services are carried out at a convenient time at the end of the day or during factory closures. All of our commercial cleaning services are provided with the client in mind and we do everything we can to ensure that your factory or plant can continue to operate effectively throughout our cleaning services.

A Skilled and Experienced Team

We can assist with a number of different cleaning services and our expert cleaning team complete these to the highest of standards. We work both internally and externally, ensuring that everything from the factory floor right up to the guttering on your roof is cleaned and maintained. Whatever your requirements are, we can offer you a service to fit the needs of your factory.

The Benefits of Our Factory Cleaning Services

Our Factory Cleaning services are highly professional and we make sure every corner of your factory or plant is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its best possible condition. Our extensive cleaning work for factories and plants incorporate the following beneficial services:

Plant Cleaning

We can offer plant cleaning in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and all of the South East for all types of commercial plants.

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