DOFF + TORC Cleaning Services

Doff system from CPL t/a Rainbow International provides a high-quality stone cleaning service using the latest equipment in the industry. The DOFF steam-based system and the TORC system are both state-of-the-art cleaning tools and are renowned in the cleaning industry for their effectiveness at removing dirt and grime from stone surfaces.

At CPL t/a Rainbow International we have the right tools and properly trained operatives to offer an outstanding cleaning service that gets the job done quickly and to the highest possible standard.

What is DOFF cleaning?

The DOFF system is a steam-based cleaning system. It utilises the powerful capabilities of steam to achieve exceptional cleaning, heating the water to 150°C to create a more effective system than any other means of steam cleaning. The pressure and temperature of the water can be easily adjusted by the operator, making the DOFF system a versatile solution for a variety of stubborn marks.

How does DOFF cleaning work?

It uses a combination of high temperature steam, and an adjustable nozzle to adapt the pressure, to work away the most difficult marks and biological matter, including paint residues, limescale, bitumen, and lichen. It’s not a high-pressure device, so it is gentle enough to be used on a range of softer materials like wood and soapstone, and its water usage is low.

Does DOFF work without the use if chemicals?

If you’re having problems with moss, algae, fungi or any other kind of biological matter, the superheated water is capable of instantly detaching these substances from walls, whilst also killing any potential spores. Due to the effectiveness of DOFF’s steam system, there’s no need to apply chemical biocide solution to your designated cleaning area, either as a removal technique or to prevent biological activity in future.

What surfaces does DOFF cleaning work on?

DOFF is most commonly used to remove graffiti from bricks and stonework. However, it is ideal for cleaning all kinds of marks and dirt from both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including concrete, tiles and wood, and is useful for floors, walls, steps and pavements. If you have a particular surface in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us to check whether DOFF cleaning will be suitable. We can offer professional advice for any cleaning job.

Can DOFF be used for sterilising areas??

While DOFF is a highly effective cleaning mechanism, the high temperatures of this system makes it possible for large areas to be sterilised too. DOFF is highly effective for sterilising areas such as industrial kitchens, swimming pools, toilets and medical facilities.

Will the DOFF system damage the surfaces?

If used incorrectly, the DOFF cleaning system can still damage a surface. It is not designed for fabrics or most plastics, so if you are at all uncertain about the material you want to clean, please call our experts on 0800 030 4360.

However, DOFF is not a high-pressure system, and can therefore be used on more delicate surfaces without damaging them, unlike a pressure-washer or sand-blaster. The nozzle of a DOFF unit allows the operator to adjust the pressure of the steam, meaning that it can safely be used on a range of materials – like wood or porous brickwork – that may be damaged by a different system. Our fully trained operatives are experts in ensuring the right cleaning methods are used for delicate surfaces.

Can DOFF and TORC be used on heritage buildings?

The DOFF and TORC cleaning systems are renowned for their effectiveness in providing specialist surface cleaning for heritage buildings without damaging any substrate. The DOFF and TORC systems are sensitive cleaning methods that are capable of highly effective deep cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals. They can restore the lustre of any building surface, including heritage buildings, whilst still ensuring the long-term integrity of the building fabric is retained.

DOFF and TORC are extremely gentle stone and brick surface cleaning methods, but are highly effective. We would always recommend using professionally trained building cleaners when tackling sensitive building surfaces. Our specialist cleaners are able to clean any stone or brick building façade. We can work with any building restrictions, and will adhere to any conservation guidelines. We have extensive experience in cleaning listed buildings, Victorian or Georgian properties, or any period building.

Is DOFF cleaning messy?

A DOFF system uses a very low volume of water for its cleaning, and the high temperatures allow it to evaporate from a surface very quickly. There is very little to clean up, In fact, you are able to enjoy your clean surfaces within just a few minutes.

Is DOFF cleaning safe?

It utilises extremely high temperatures and should be used with caution. When used correctly, the chemical-free cleaning process is extremely effective and safe for use in open spaces without harming the public or the environment. Our fully trained operatives take all of the correct safety precautions when cleaning any surface

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TORC Cleaning

For the ultimate deep stone cleaning results, we use the exceptional TORC system. The TORC system is ideal for a wide range of stone cleaning jobs, including the removal of carbon sulphation, paint residues, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints.

The TORC system operates with the use of a small amount of water, fine granulate and low pressure. These components create a gentle swirling vortex, which is highly effective in the cleaning of stone surfaces. The nozzle can be changed on the TORC system to suit different cleaning jobs. If a large, cement based space requires a paint removal job, we can use a larger nozzle for more efficient and effective paint removal.

While the TORC system does incorporate a small amount of fine granulate, this cleaning method is still gentle enough to ensure any substrate is left as it was.