Building Cleaning Leeds Services:

CPL t/a Rainbow International when Building Cleaning Leeds are a first-rate cleaning company you can trust. We are a leading specialist cleaning company offering a comprehensive Building Cleaning Leeds services in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We are the preferred supplier to hotels, shops and Churches in the Leeds and surrounding area.

We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for both inside and outside residential and commercial properties. Our skilled cleaning operatives use appropriate cleaning methods to match the job. We use the latest cleaning processes and state-of-the-art equipment to bring perfect results every time.
We specialise in using the right method of cleaning for the job, and we’ll always take care to avoid unnecessary chemicals that we know can cause harm to some surfaces. For heritage buildings and delicate surfaces we have the renowned DOFF and TORC cleaning systems to preserve surfaces, which clean gently but get them looking like new. We care about cleaning and we care about your property.

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Our Leeds office is located at:
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Whatever your cleaning requirements, we have a specialist team to assist. We also have specially trained cleaners for high access cleaning jobs. We offer the ultimate deep clean for any private, commercial or public property, both inside and out. No job is too big and we pride ourselves on exceptional cleaning standards and getting jobs done on time.

We are experts in every aspect of building cleaning. Find out more about the exceptional DOFF and TORC cleaning methods below:


We use our DOFF cleaning system extensively in Leeds to bring perfect results to exterior building cleans. We are dedicated to protecting the integrity of all buildings in Leeds, so our DOFF cleaning system is often the cleaning method of choice.

DOFF is a specialist steam cleaning system and is the ultimate cleaning choice for eradicating dirt and eliminating biological matter from all stonework and masonry. It removes all grime and unwanted material without the use of harmful chemicals and without surface abrasion.

The DOFF system uses the deep clean capabilities of steam but surpasses any other steam cleaning system. With DOFF, we are confident we can get you perfect results every time.

The DOFF cleaning system cleans ingrained contaminants from a great number of surfaces. These include all stone surfaces, as well as marble, plus brickwork, tiled surfaces (including roofs), metals and commercial cladding.


The TORC cleaning system is an evolution of the highly acclaimed JOS system. The TORC cleaning system uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide a gentle, deep clean for stone surfaces.

For any stone building in Leeds, the TORC cleaning method will bring stone inside and out back to looking like new. It is completely safe for subtle and historical stone surfaces. It’s a great cleaning method for removing carbon sulphation, paint residues, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints.


Our media abrasive blasting is effective at cleaning soot, smoke damage, paintwork, ageing beams, brick, stone and metalwork. Blast cleaning is a highly effective cleaning method for refurbishing the inside and outside of properties. Our highly skilled operatives will assess the appropriate cleaning method for your property and if using media blasting, will select the most appropriate abrasive to get the job done effectively.


For expert specialist building cleaning in Leeds, get in touch with our friendly and professional cleaning team today. Your property matters to us and with our wide range of high quality cleaning services, we’ll have your building looking its best in no time at all. Call our Leeds office on: 01134 578339 to discuss all of your cleaning requirements.

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