Paint removal experts, you think it’s easy?

Paint removal experts, are you one ? It’s seen as easy, right? I mean all you have to do is get a jet washer and blast the surface with high-pressure water. At CPL we use professional high power eco-friendly industrial doff steam cleaner techniques. It’s just a far cry from just pointing a high-pressure lance at a surface to remove rubberised paint or cement based paint. We use the Doff Steam Cleaning System to help with the safe and eco-friendly removal of paint.

We provide only the highest quality, professional paint removal services in the South East of England, specialising in everything from cement based paint to rubberised paint.

Removing paint is done most efficiently when the technique used and the equipment is optimised. What do we mean by this? When the right equipment combined with the correct paint removal technique combines to remove paint from hard and soft surfaces. Our techniques include removal of paint and grime from all stone, including Grade I and II listed buildings, brick, concrete, metals, wood, plastic and glass.

Charles Piton Ltd (CPL) can remove paint efficiently from most surfaces. The technique we choose to use depends on the surfaces we are working on and the condition of the surface. The type of surface the original paint has been applied to will be a significant factor in determining how we remove it.

CPL has all sorts of expensive, specialist state of the art equipment to remove paint and clean facades in the best possible way for each surface.

Paint Removal At Marine Court St Leonards-On-Sea
Paint removal operation from a fourteen storey building called Marine Court

Avoid DIY paint removal, use doff steam cleaner instead

The technique of removing large areas of paint is nothing like DIY paint removal. It takes many years of certified training to become an experienced cleaning technician. All our technicians are insured and spend many months training before having the necessary skills to be called paint removal experts. So DIY paint removal is really not an option if you want a job done well.

CPL uses the high pressure DOFF and TORC system to remove paint. Doff steam cleaner is chemical free. TORC adds fine granulate to remove stubborn stains. Doff provides:

  • Environmentally friendly rubberised and cement based paint removal
  • Minimal mess
  • Quick and efficient
  • Uses the latest techniques
  • Carried out by qualified experienced cleaning technicians
  • With a guarantee

Why do you need paint removal of rubberised paint?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove paint, but some of the most common are listed below.

  • Rubberised paint requires removing by experts
  • Exposure of original surface
  • Old building requires redecoration
  • Surface cleaning due to city grime, graffiti and pollution
  • Oxidisation of surfaces

The list is potentially endless. Probably the most common surface is stone or brick on old houses. In coastal towns and cities we remove paint from hotels, hospitals and schools ravaged by salt spray over many years. These buildings have been typically covered by rubberised paint. Rubberised paint lasts longer in coastal towns and cities than normal paint due to the thickness and ‘flex’ in the paint. Eventually though the paint does crack and sea salt and rain gets underneath and causes the paint to effectively peel from the building surface.

The effect is unsightly, your building looks unkempt: large swathes of paint become missing from the building. If you are a government building or hotel this does not leave a great impression for your customers. After all, as the saying goes: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

This is where CPL, experts in rubberised paint removal come in. We have recently completed the paint removal and renovation of a large building in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. We were called in by the contractor to completely remove the paint from the surface of the building, all 14 floors! We used drones to survey the whole of the site before then administering the best paint removal process. The process used a Doff steam cleaner to effectively remove all of the rubberised paint over 14 floors of the Marine Court building.

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