Leak Detection Services

As a leading Leak Detection company, we use a range of non-destructive techniques to pin-point a leak, which can reduce the costs of building drying, redecoration and building reinstatement. Our Leak Detection Services find leaks that are often not detected by traditional plumbers.

With nearly 20 years of experience carrying out Leak Detection services across the South East, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey & Kent, our Leak Detection Engineers use the very latest leak detection technology. We can find a leak that may be hidden within the building structure or they may just be hard to access or locate, such as central heating leaks, leaks in hidden pipes, floors and walls or in underfloor heating.
We offer both Residential Leak Detection and Commercial Leak Detection services for Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Property Management Companies, Facilities Management Companies, Builders, Plumbers and Construction Companies.
CPL t/a Rainbow International is recognised by most domestic and commercial insurance providers for detecting leaks. If your policy includes Trace and Access cover, our Leak Detection survey fee is usually recovered through your insurer.
You may have a leak, if you notice any of the following signs at your property:
  • Discoloured walls, ceilings or floors
  • Damp
  • Visible mould or mouldy smell
  • Damp patches
  • Skirting boards lifting
  • Boiler losing pressure
  • Excessive boiler output
  • Increase in water bills
  • Blocked gutters
  • Possible voids in property
Our services stand out from other companies because we offer the full range of associated services to get you back on track. These include Trace and Access, leak repair, building drying, mould remediation, damp surveys and building reinstatement.
Benefits of our Leak Detection services:
  • Non-destructive methods
  • Minimise damage to a property·
  • Keep costs to a minimum
  • Help with water damage clean-up and drying
  • Provide a report and recommendations, which can be used for Insurers
  • Deal with your Insurance Company on your behalf
  • Can reduce your water bills
Our technicians are trained to use a range of state-of-the-art water leak detection specialist equipment, including thermal imaging, tracer gas leak detection, salts analysis, moisture mapping and acoustic leak detectors. These can sometimes be used in conjunction to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera can detect small differences in temperatures on the surface of different materials to identify pipes in hidden areas or in sub-floors. These cameras are non-invasive and a survey can be conducted with minimum disruption, avoiding unnecessary damage to a building.

Acoustic Testing

This may be a more appropriate method if the pipes are buried deep in a structure or if they are well insulated. In the event of a pipe being damaged, water on the ground can cause the surrounding material of the pipe to vibrate at the exit point. Using ground microphones, we can trace and pinpoint the location of the leak. This method is particularly useful where there are long runs of pipework.

Salts Analysis

Part of the process of leak detection is to determine not only if there is moisture but also where it may be coming from. The content and type of moisture can indicate the source.
We test for both chlorides and nitrates, the presence of either can show where the water is coming from. Chloride in the water shows the moisture is coming from the fresh water source to the house. Chlorides are found in plaster, brick, some stone and fire residues. Nitrates show the water is coming up from the ground; rising damp. Nitrates are not found in drinking water, as they come from fertilisers and animal waste. Where there are no salts present at all the likely source is condensation or rain water ingression.

Moisture Mapping

Using a protimeter, checking for moisture and condensation levels is one of the best indicators of a leak, which can be isolated to within a few meters.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection is an accurate but one of the more complex of Leak Detection methods used to pin-point a leak. Gas tracing uses a technique that traces leaks or hazards using the latest gas detection equipment. A handheld detector is used to sniff out spots where tracer gas is detected, so the site of the leak can be dealt with and repaired as necessary. It is also a useful tool to confirm a leak after using any of the above methods.
Don’t delay – call our friendly team now on 0800 030 4360 to find out how we can help detect a water leak at your property in East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent or Surrey. It is very important to detect and fix a water leak as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture spreading throughout the domestic or commercial premises, causing further damage.

Possible Causes of Damp

External ingression

  • Structural problems
  • Maintenance  issues
  • Inherent issues relating to the age of the property due to the construction methods and material available at the time
  • Issues relating to the topography of the land where the property was built. We also offer flood risk assessment reports
  •  External flooding

Internal moisture

Mould remediation and drying out

Once the problem has been identified and resolved the affected areas may need sanitising and drying out before reinstatement work can begin. At CPL t/a Rainbow International we have experience and the most advanced drying equipment for hire and effective sanitising systems to ensure the quickest turn around.

Don’t delay, call CPL t/a Rainbow International today!

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