Injection Drying

heat injection drying

For Efficiently Drying Out Buildings After Flood Or Escape Of Water

Following a flood or water leak, traditional drying methods are not always the most appropriate techniques for drying out the structure of a building. Injection Drying uses interconnected hoses from a series of manifolds. The air is a clean filtered dry air that is then forced under pressure into the cavity of the wall or the floor. The water is then forced out and dried by the effect of the force of air and the warmth and dryness of the air. 

Injection Drying displaces water, and that water needs somewhere to go. This is where complete knowledge of the system is required. The water and dampness needs to escape. Our team of specialists know where to drill to maximise the release of water from the wall or floor. Holes that are drilled for the escaping water and linked to disposal units for the water being forced out.

Injection Drying, when used by our professional teams, can greatly reduce the stripping out costs and renovation costs normally associated with a water escape. Our teams use the equipment all the time in buildings that have been water damaged due to flooding or water escape.

How Does Injection Drying Work?

Injection drying systems work by deploying warm, dry air under into the building materials. The warm air is supplied under pressure and is applied through small holes in the fabric of the brick or other building substrate. At CPL t/a Rainbow International we have a wide range of water removal services to suit all aspects of commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Our experts have been using the very latest technology to remove water from building in the quickest and safest way possible. We are the first choice for flooded building water removal.

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Our Restoration Services

Due to the numbers of insurers we work with, who favour this form of water extraction methodology, we are able to use this on many of our flooded building jobs. Used in the wrong hands they can cause damage to a buildings structure, so injection drying should only be used by those people who understand what is going on and are licensed to do so. 

CPL t/a Rainbow International are required to provide a wide range of restoration services when dealing with an insurance company.

Building restoration is what we have been doing for two decades now. Insurance companies trust us to deliver expert knowledge on when to use each water removal system to achieve maximum benefit.

The flood damage and water damage restoration services provided by CPL t/a Rainbow International include the water extraction and removal of flood and standing water, building and contents on-site and off-site drying and the sanitisation and deodorisation of furnishings and buildings among other services. We understand how important it is to receive a quick and efficient service, so with an emergency 24 hour call out service, we provide a rapid response system to ensure that you receive expert assistance as soon as you need it.

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For more information on how we can help with water damage restoration in the aftermath of a flood, please select one of the options below where we will provide essential advice and assistance with the cleaning and restoration of your home or commercial property. Alternatively we encourage you to contact us on 0800 030 4360 and speak to our friendly team.