Flood Risk Assessment

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a review of the potential risks of flooding in relation to residential, commercial and industrial sites or property. In England and Wales, an FRA is required by the Environment Agency to be submitted along with planning applications in any area that is notorious for flooding, such as a floodplain.

In areas where flooding is of significant risk (within flood zones 2 and 3), planning permission is not granted until the FRA has been accepted by the environment agency. You may also require an FRA upon the maintenance and/or insurance of existing buildings and constructions.

How Our Flood Risk Assessments Can Help You

By understanding the threat posed by flooding you can make better, well-informed decisions in future and significantly minimise potential flood damage. We have helped numerous clients in the past, from commercial property owners to residential homeowners, with extensive, in-depth and professional flood risk assessment reports.
Our flood risk assessments focus on strategies to mitigate flood risk, drainage strategies and flood response plans. Our FRA’s can help you achieve basic planning application requirements and overcome complex flood risks that are preventing you from gaining approval.

Do You Need a Flood Risk Assessment?

Leak detection listening deviceAny site that is over 1 hectare requires a flood risk assessment alongside planning permission in order to satisfy planning policies in England (NPPF), Scotland (SPP) and Wales (TAN 15). As is mentioned above, you will need to submit a flood risk assessment for any property or development that is situated within a zone 2 or zone 3 flood risk area, regardless of the size.
Flood risk assessments must show whether your upcoming project will increase the chances of flood risk, how flood risk could change, what the flood risks are and how you plan on managing these flood risks.

What Our Flood Risk Assessments Incorporate

CPL t/a Rainbow International take advantage of the very latest, up-to-date information and best available flood data to compile a detailed, professional and extensive flood risk assessment. We look to support you in planning towards your management of potential flood risks through design suggestions for your upcoming property development, drainage strategies and response plans in the event of a flood.
We can also consult our clients on groundwater flood risk assessments, basement impact assessments, flood risk assessments for proposed renewable energy sites and additional specific issues and requirements. Simply provide us with information related to your development and we will be happy to help.

Leak Detection

leakdetection2CPL t/a Rainbow International provides detailed flood risk assessment reports in the event of leak or damp detection in both commercial and residential properties as part of our comprehensive leak detection service.
We have extensive experience within the insurance industry which means we can identify which types of moisture damage will be covered by your insurance policy. Our reports, including FRA reports, can be presented to your insurance company and if required, we can meet insurance representatives on site.

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