Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration after a flood is critical. In this article we will explain the benefits of water damage restoration is done as quickly as possible. The aftermath of a flood can have a lasting effect on a home or business and it is extremely important that sufficient support and advice is given throughout the water damage process. CPL t/a Rainbow International is dedicated to providing expert advice and assistance for both private and commercial clients in the event of a flood and water damage. Getting everything back in order following a flood can be an incredibly stressful experience so we aim to make the recovery and restoration process as quick and as stress free as possible.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration company CPL Ltd, t/a as Rainbow International have been clearing up after floods and water escapes for over 20 years. CPL Ltd, t/a as Rainbow International are BDMA Members and have strict procedures and processes to follow laid down by the BDMA (British Damage Management Association). All our work is guaranteed. 5 Star Reviews and customers that have given us real positive feedback.

Own A Small Business?

If you own a small business, the thought of having to deal with spontaneous flooding at some stage may seem incredibly daunting. CPL t/a Rainbow International are fully aware of the threat that is posed to a fully operational and thriving business environment in the event of flooding or water damage and we have offered our vast experience to numerous clients for many years. It is essential that you are able to contact a company you can trust and we are fully prepared to significantly reduce the stress and anxiety you may experience as a result of flooding at your commercial property. Flooding can have an equally devastating effect on private homeowners. Flash floods and water damage that have gone unnoticed. Building that have floods have a serious risk of sanitisation issues. Following a flood is extremely important to eradicate the water capable of carrying various diseases. Sewage which can permanently damage furnishings and buildings is the major cause of the sanitation issues after a flood or water escape. Our specialist sanitisation and deodorisation services ensure that your home is repaired and restored to get your life back on track as soon as possible.
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Our Restoration Services

The flood damage and water damage restoration services provided by CPL t/a Rainbow International include the water extraction and removal of flood and standing water, building and contents on-site and off-site drying and the sanitisation and deodorisation of furnishings and buildings among other services. We understand how important it is to receive a quick and efficient service, so with an emergency 24 hour call out service we provide a rapid response system to ensure that you receive expert assistance as soon as you need it.

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Contact us for more information on how we can help with water damage restoration in the aftermath of a flood, please select one of the options below where we will provide essential advice and assistance with the cleaning and restoration of your home or commercial property. Alternatively we encourage you to contact us on 0800 030 4360 and speak to our friendly team.