Torc System

TORC System An Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning System As Used By Industrial Cleaning Company Charles Piton Ltd.

What is Torc? The TORC systems’s most distinctive feature is its revolutionary modulised nozzle, which creates a gentle swirling vortex utilising low volumes of water, fine inert granulate and air. When in the hands of a competent person the results that are produced are probably the most sensitive and efficient methods of cleaning masonry. The TORC system supersedes and offers additional benefits as well as other improvements over the original Jos system which Stonehealth introduced into the UK back in the 1980s. The innovative TORC nozzle is available in a range of different sizes and types which can be selected for cleaning and removing unwanted matter from many various surfaces including large areas of ashlar or fine detailed stone carvings without damaging the substrate.

TORC most effective in removing?

Carbon sulphation Lime & cement based paints Paint and plaster residues Some old oil based paints Bitumen (if oxidised) Limescale Efflorescence What surfaces should I use the TORC on? It is most effective in removing carbon pollutants and other unwanted matter from stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, faience and concrete; also oxidation and sulphation from bronze, brass, copper, and anodised aluminium.

TORC How Does It work?

The TORC Head is modularised into separate components which results in an efficient and gentle swirling vortex using less water and granulate. The combined effect of the high frequency spinning Torc components produce the necessary pressure at the surface to be cleaned.

TORC has a removable nose section allowing choice of 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13mm apertures. Plus a 5mm parallel version, for detailed cleaning. Our highly skilled Torc User approved technicians that get the best out of the TORC system.

Torc Used On The Following Buildings

TORC system has been used on some very prestigious buildings within the UK:

Buckingham Palace and other Royal Palaces Canterbury & many other Cathedrals Westminster Abbey

Hampton Court

Tower of London & other historic Royal Palaces

Oxford & Cambridge University

St. Pancras other mainline and underground stations

Harrods Store

Marine Barracks & other buildings in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Norwich Castle

Torc Detailed Specification

Water Consumption Max 60 litres per hour Ambient Temperature - 5 degrees

Centigrade (41 degrees Fahrenheit)

Dry Weight kg 200kgs standard

Pressure Pot 540, 560, 880

Air Cooler 450, 740, 550

Pump (elec.) if used 600 310 340

Compressed air volume required 125 cfm (3540 litres per minute)

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