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CPL t/a Rainbow International is recognised by most domestic and commercial insurance providers for detecting leaks. If your policy includes Trace and Access cover, your insurer will usually pay our specialist leak detection fee, so it’s worth checking your cover. With over two decades of experience working alongside the insurance industry, we can identify the specifics of a leak or moisture damage and offer advice on whether your insurance company will cover the cost of repair.

The reason your local plumber can’t find your leak is because they are usually hard to find! Buildings come with a labyrinth of water pipes, any of which could be the cause of your leak. These pipes often run under buildings, including under concrete, wood, or laminate flooring. Without specialist leak detection equipment, this could mean tearing up large areas of the floor in the hope of finding the leak. Our non-destructive leak detection techniques include thermal imaging, salts analysis, moisture mapping, and acoustic leak detection to pinpoint any water leaks. Sometimes we use two or more of these options together to be certain we are getting the most accurate detection results possible.

If you spot the signs of a leak but can’t find the source, a leak detection specialist is just what you need. Whether you can hear dripping, find unexplained staining on walls, ceilings, or floors, can feel damp, see or smell mould, or even notice less obvious signs such as a loss in water pressure, lifting skirting boards, or an increase in your water bill, the chances are you have a leak.

When you use our specialist leak detection service we can keep repair costs to a minimum. CPL t/a Rainbow International is able to help with water damage cleaning and drying, your water bills could be reduced, plus, we can provide an expert report and recommendations for you to give to your insurers. In fact, we can even deal directly with your insurance company on your behalf, saving you from yet another stressful job.


CPL t/a Rainbow International doesn’t stop at leak detection. Once again, we stand out from the crowd by offering you more. We can provide the full range of associated services to get you back on track. These include leak repair, building drying, mould removal and remediation, damp surveys and building works. For you, this means the whole job is easier, faster and more efficient.

Specialist Leak Detection Methods

The methods we use to detect leaks in homes and businesses are non-destructive yet effective, meaning we can pinpoint the exact location of a leak without causing additional damage to your building. Our main leak detection methods are thermal imaging, acoustic testing, salts analysis and moisture mapping.

Heat or Thermal Imaging and Leak Detection

Whereas a guess at the source of your leak is hit and miss, a thermal imaging survey is accurate and trouble-free. It limits damage because we use it on the surface of your property to find hidden pipes under floors and elsewhere to find the leak.

Sound or Acoustic Specialist Leak Detection

Acoustic testing is another leak detection method used by CPL t/a Rainbow International. We tend to use this method if pipes are running deep in a building or if they are heavily insulated. When a pipe is leaking water onto the ground, it can cause the material around the pipe to vibrate. Ground microphones enable us to find the leak with excellent accuracy.

Salts Analysis to Detect Water Leaks

Our priority as water leak detection specialists is to find where water is getting in or getting out. If it’s unclear, will test any moisture that we find to help us to look in the right place. The tests we do look for salts such as chlorides and nitrates which allow us to determine the source of the water. If we find chlorides, we know the water must be coming from the freshwater supply into the house. If, on the other hand, we find nitrates, we know the water has come up from the ground as nitrates come from fertilisers and animal waste which are not present in drinking water. Finally, if there are no salts at all in the water, we know that the water is getting in some other way, such as rainwater or condensation.

Moisture Mapping for Leak Detection

Another way we can check for leaks in a property is by using a protimeter. This specialist leak detection tool checks moisture and condensation levels. Any reading that is out of the ordinary is one of our best leak indicators as it can be accurate to within a few meters of a leak site.

Non-Invasive Tracer-Gas Leak Detection

Some leaks, especially in hidden pipework or central heating systems, are difficult and expensive to trace using traditional methods. In this case, our technicians use specially formulated non-toxic tracer-gas leak detection which leaks out wherever water would leak. We then find the gas using state-of-the-art handheld technology. The method is so accurate it can significantly reduce search damage to property. Of course, for invisible leaks, this also makes it noticeably more cost-effective than guessing where the leak might be.

Case Study

Leak Detection, Tonbridge

Using the very latest Leak Detection technology, we were able to pin-point the source of a leak at a domestic property in Kent. Our non-destructive methods limited damage to the property. We saved extensive strip-out and reinstatement work by implementing Injection Drying, thus saving the customer money and minimising disruption.

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