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Our tracer-gas leak detection engineers use a specially formulated non-toxic tracer-gas. The tracer-gas is a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen which boasts a number of important advantages. Firstly, it is non-toxic which means it is safe for use in all settings, including where drinking water is present. Secondly, it does not burn, and thirdly, the gas causes no damage to metals, pipework, or other materials. Finally, all of that gives us a product that does not harm the environment at all.

Our engineers use specialist tools to send tracer-gas into the problem pipework. The tracer-gas formula means that it can get through invisible holes in pipes, cement, or even concrete. Our engineers will then use a state-of-the-art, handheld tracer-gas finder unit to pinpoint the leak. As a result, this proves to be a highly accurate, cost-effective, and successful method of leak detection for central heating systems and other inaccessible pipework.

Case Study

Leak Detection, Tonbridge

Using the very latest Leak Detection technology, we were able to pin-point the source of a leak at a domestic property in Kent. Our non-destructive methods limited damage to the property. We saved extensive strip-out and reinstatement work by implementing Injection Drying, thus saving the customer money and minimising disruption.

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