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From a burst pipe in your home, to building work creating unforeseen damage, to simply being situated in a flood zone – we at CPL t/a Rainbow International have seen it all.

The top tip we would give to all victims of flood damage is to act quickly. The extent of the damage from floodwater can worsen the longer it is left, and the likelihood of salvaging belongings decreases. It is also worth bearing in mind that most flood insurance policies stipulate taking prompt action, in order to minimise damage to your property.

Upon commencing work on at your property, one of our first and most important tasks is fully understanding your flood damage – this begins with identifying the cause of the flood, and in turn where the floodwater originated from. Depending on whether it’s water from a burst pipe, farm, river or sewage, our plan of action varies greatly due to the different issues that can arise.

Another vital consideration is the building methods and materials used in the construction of the damaged property. Floodwater can affect walls, floors, soft furnishings and even the structure of your property differently depending on how they were constructed. The right decision for a modern home might not be the best approach for a listed building or commercial property, so every incident is holistically assessed and a bespoke drying and reinstatement solution is crafted.

Even after the vital tasks of clearing your premises of floodwater, silt, debris and any salvageable property, there is still important work to do. Floodwater can be very harmful to humans and animals alike; from contaminated sewage seeping into buildings to waterborne bacteria and diseases, a thorough sanitisation process is an essential part of your road to restoration after flood damage. Our specialist sanitising and odour removal services we offer provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their property will return clean and odour-free to the top CPL standards.

Our professional and experienced flood damage teams are fully insured and trained to British Damage Association standards, providing the best solutions for our clients every time. We work for private clients, businesses, commercial operations, public sector organisations and local government across the whole of the South East. We are also capable of liaising with insurance companies and loss adjusters on our clients’ behalf – ensuring our clients are treated fairly is our top priority here at CPL t/a Rainbow International. With industry-topping skillsets and a huge range of capabilities, we can do it all.

Basement Floods

The risk of flooding in basement spaces are particularly high due to being situated below ground level. In turn, the cost of basement flood restoration can easily skyrocket, and combined with the increased rainfall of recent years, we predict that these types of floods will become more common. Fortunately, CPL t/a Rainbow International are here to help. Our range of services include: water extraction, specialist basement drying and cleaning, sanitising and mould removal, and building insurance repairs.

Common Causes of Basement Floods

While it is a common misconception that basement flooding is only a cause for concern in high-risk flood areas, unfortunately this is far from the truth. We have dealt with a variety of basement flood causes at CPL t/a Rainbow International, including: sewage system issues, burst or leaking pipes, sump pump issues, water authority mains burst, cracked foundations and faulty tanking.

To-Do List after a Basement Flood

Firstly, it’s essential that you act quickly in the event of a basement flood. Water damage gets progressively worse over time, and often insurance companies won’t pay out if you’ve left it too long. Read our full step-by-step guide to managing a basement flood in your home or business.

Our Basement Flood Cleaning Services

At CPL t/a Rainbow International, we strive for the best results for our clients, every single time. From initial floodwater removal to sanitisation services, we can do it all. Our bespoke cleaning and drying regimes offer:

  • Pumping out floodwater
  • Listing and disposal of damaged and contaminated content
  • Removal of restorable content for restoration
  • Stripping and disposal of porous contaminated building materials, such as plasterboard and skirtings
  • Sanitisation and cleaning of the basement area and other cross-contaminated parts of the property
  • Dehumidifier installation with consistent monitoring until fully dry
  • Property insurance repairs

Case Study

Flood & Water Damage Repair, Cambridge

Following a substantial leak at the ground floor of the hospital, we provided an efficient and effective drying and sanitising solution. Our service avoided the need for complete strip-out and reinstatement, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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