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Did you know that fire damage is not simply the damage caused by flames? It also encompasses any damage inflicted by smoke, soot, and the substances used by the Fire Department to extinguish the blaze. With all of these different factors playing a part in the type and level of damage, it is vital that we have the opportunity to access the building as soon as possible, and assess the damage immediately. Insurance policies will often demand that quick action is taken to limit damage in the event of a fire. Every fire is different, and consequently every clean-up is different too – however one consistent fact is that damage can worsen the longer it is left without cleaning.

When it comes to fire damage restoration, speed is key. The effects of fire damage worsen over time and become more and more difficult to combat within days of the event. Our rapid response team are on hand to provide immediate fire damage restoration services within 48 hours of a building fire.

  • At this point, it is possible to clean metal and UPVC.
  • Corrosion, etching and discolouration have not yet begun.
  • Odour penetration into building structure and contents is less advanced at this stage.
  • Thus, deodorising systems are far more effective in banishing odours.
  • Drying times for water damage are between 40-45% shorter, enabling you and your family to return to a safely restored home rapidly.

If left too long, the damage caused by fire can worsen. Odours seep into building structures, corrosion starts, and it generally takes longer (and with that extra cost) to restore your building back to its former state. Within just one week of a fire, the following can happen:

The temperature of the property has cooled down dramatically.

  • Due to the plummeting temperature, remaining moisture starts to react with toxic soot to create an all-encompassing acid film.
  • This causes corrosion, etching and discolouration of building and content fixtures and fittings.
  • The cost of property reinstatement increases substantially.
  • Odours have now penetrated porous building and content materials.
  • Deodorising methods are now rendered less effective and more expensive, costing you significantly more for a reduced improvement.

Not just fire damage restoration

Our many years of industry knowledge and experience facilitate the most reliable fire damage and smoke cleaning service for our customers. The equipment in our arsenal is state-of-the-art and enables us to deliver the most powerful cleaning for any building affected by smoke and fire damage. From a base clean-up of a fire-damaged building to a full odour removal, restoration and reinstatement, CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration are here for you every step of the way.

Building insurance repairs

Not only do we undertake the full fire and smoke damage cleaning tasks, CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration can liaise directly with your insurance company, loss adjuster and surveyor, freeing you from the additional worry of dealing with complicated admin and red tape. We have successfully dealt with many of these companies in our years of operating, and are adept at arranging direct payments from them – giving our customers peace of mind regarding any potential savings or cash-flow disruptions. Your account and tasks are always managed by a dedicated office-based administrator, and our exceptional customer service and high standards set us apart from our competitors.

Case Study

Commercial Fire Damage, Portsmouth

We dealt with the aftermath of a fire at a commercial premises caused by a vehicle in the workshop. We cleaned and removed soot and melted ceiling tiles to get the premises ready for redecoration, minimising downtime for the dealership.

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