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How to clean up a sewage spill

First of all, it’s essential to cordon off the affected area to ensure you, your family or your workforce do not come into contact with any raw sewage. Once on site, CPL t/a Rainbow International will undertake a full risk assessment of the situation ensuring that all necessary actions are taken before proceeding with the sewage clean up. Biohazards handling and disposal are regulated by government guidelines under the Health and Safety Executive COSHH Regulation and we strictly adhere to all guidelines in place.

Prioritise vulnerable individuals

By immediately taking action to remove all high-risk individuals from the contaminated environment, you can minimise any potential life-threatening exposure to diseases and bacteria that may arise from raw sewage spills.

Appoint a specialist decontamination service provider

At CPL t/a Rainbow International, we take care to ensure that our specialist sewage cleaning teams are thoroughly trained, vaccinated, and wear the correct PPE in order to minimise the risk they are exposed to.

Safely dispose of all contaminated materials

CPL t/a Rainbow International will ensure that contaminated items are safely disposed of by a registered company holding a valid waste carriers’ licence. Before any items are disposed of however, it is vital to list and photograph all objects to provide proof to your insurance provider of the damage caused by the sewage spill. We’ll ensure all the evidence required is collected before disposal.

Sanitise the contaminated environment

Once all contaminated content is removed from the area, we will carry out the sanitisation, deodorisation and a deep clean of the affected space. Sewage spills can leave behind a lot of unwanted and harmful bacteria, so enlisting a professional sewage clean up company will ensure your property is restored to a safe and liveable manner.

Reinstate stripped building surfaces and contents

As part of our bespoke restoration and reinstatement services after a sewage clean up, CPL t/a Rainbow International will assist in preparing a list with photographic proof of any damaged surfaces and contents, which will form a vital part of your settlement with your insurance company.

Contact your insurance company

Alert your insurance company of the sewage spill and detail the actions undertaken to minimise damage to your property. CPL t/a Rainbow International are known to many insurance providers so be sure to mention us when it comes to making your claim. We can help you to provide any evidence they require and will support you where applicable during the claim process.

Case Study

Flood & Water Damage Repair, Cambridge

Following a substantial leak at the ground floor of the hospital, we provided an efficient and effective drying and sanitising solution. Our service avoided the need for complete strip-out and reinstatement, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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