Protection when dealing with mould

Bio suit pic When mould is disturbed, it can greatly increase the amount of mould spores present in the air.
Follow these precautions when working with mouldy materials:

  • Use rubber gloves
  • Use eye goggles that seal out fine dust.
  • Wear disposable overalls.
  • Wear a medium to high-efficiency filter dust mask.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke in the contaminated area, since disease-causing organisms from mould spores, sewage or floodwater may be present.

People with existing health problems or those very sensitive to mould should not do clean-up work in situations where there is heavy mould growth. It may be prudent to consider using professionals to do the clean-up work for you if you have any doubts about safety of the effectiveness of your work.
It is unlikely that a British home can be completely condensation free, even a new one, however by keeping your property properly maintained and thinking about occupiers’ lifestyles you should be able to control it to acceptable levels.
All landlords need to be aware of the potential problems which damp, excessive condensation and mould growth can cause and should take steps to minimise the risks.

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