Plate Drying

Plate drying is a state-of-the art technology, also known as Expansion Gap Plate Drying. Plate drying uses a series of plates to remove the trapped moisture in a floor or wall construction, without using invasive methods. Occasionally, depending on how the wall or floor is constructed, conventional Pressure Drying methods may not be suitable for removing trapped moisture in the floor or wall cavities, Expansion Gap Plate Drying can serve as an optimal solution.

Expansion Gap Plate Drying works by providing specialist Pressure Drying to floating concrete floors which remove trapped moisture from the insulation layer down to the Damp Proof Membrane. These plates allow drying to tanked basements and insulated floating concrete floors where drilling is not possible due to underfloor heating or modern vacuum-packed insulation layers.

This innovative method can help to reduce downtime, particularly for a business, and can also save money with the high costs of strip-outs and reinstatements such as replacing a floor, following an escape of water.

We offer a range of drying solutions depending on the situation. Get in touch with our team today for further information on 0800 030 4360.