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As long as the conditions are right, mould can grow almost anywhere. It often appears as a result of damp due to poor ventilation or external factors such as hidden leaks, blocked gutters, structural issues with the property, or because of cold indoor temperatures. With the recent hike in fuel prices, including both gas and electricity, we’re seeing more instances of mould growth within homes and businesses around Sevenoaks. Occupiers are less likely to ventilate their properties properly by opening windows and doors during the colder months because of increased energy costs and people are also reducing their reliance on appliances such as tumble dryers by drying their clothes indoors. This in turn creates the perfect habitat for mould growth. Our mould removal specialists in Sevenoaks are equipped with the knowledge required to detect the origins of mould growth and to support and advise homeowners and business owners to eradicate it for good.

Mould removal usually requires professional attention. At CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration we provide professional mould remediation services to Sevenoaks residents and commercial property owners. We believe in tackling the problem at the source to ensure the chance of future mould and damp is reduced to a minimum. We’ll assess your property before talking through the best way to solve the issue. Using a professional mould removal company in Sevenoaks such as CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration, will allow you to rest assured knowing you’re in safe hands. Our experts have nearly 20 years of experience working in dangerous conditions and are equipped to keep risks low. We use specialist equipment to remove airborne mould spores, as well as sealing surfaces to reduce further exposure, then redecorating where necessary.

Our mould removal services are perfect for businesses in Sevenoaks , including those in the property management sector such as landlords, housing associations, property managers, facilities management companies, and block management companies. We also help those living and working within the Sevenoaks  area. 

We offer a rapid response service for serious cases of mould for vulnerable persons such as for those with an underlying health condition, the elderly & children to ensure we can get to your property as a matter of urgency, should this be required. 

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if your property is affected by mould, call us on freephone 0800 030 4360.

Case Study

Commercial Mould Removal, Brighton

Extensive mould was posing a serious health hazard to the occupants of a business in Brighton.  CPL t/a Rainbow Restoration safely and carefully removed the mould to ensure minimal downtime for the business.

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