Water Blasting Pressure Cleaning

Water blasting, or hydro blasting, is a cleaning service offered by CPL t/a Rainbow International, ideally suited to cleaning over a large area due to varying pressures and flow rates being available. Water blasting works through the use of high-pressured water being ejected from a nozzle, the pressure of the water is high enough for it to be effective at removing paint, rust, general dirt and even remnants from chemical or oil contamination.

Water blasting is completely non-abrasive, causing no damage to the surface being cleaned as well as generating no heat or dust. Your surface will be perfectly clean and free from any chemicals and non-visual contamination (such as salts), ready for a new coating to be applied if needed.

Media Blasting

Water Blasting Benefits

There are many benefits to using water blast cleaning, including:

  • Highly efficient method of cleaning
  • Quicker and quieter than other types of media blasting
  • Flexible – water blasting can be used to clean walls, floors and a range of other surfaces
  • Well suited for cleaning a large surface area
  • Able to clean hard to reach locations
  • No damage or deformation to the surface being cleaned

Water Blasting Uses

The water pressure used in water blasting is generally between 5000-20000 psi, meaning that the force generated is greater than any manual cleaning methods. This allows water blasting to remove items that other manual options fail to.

The high pressure generated makes water blasting a good option for the removal of paints on walls and road surfaces, gum, rubber and the removal of other coatings or chemicals from machinery. The versatility and efficiency of water blasting makes it a popular choice for a range of applications.

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