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Soda Blasting is a form of non-abrasive pressure cleaning that is environmentally friendly and highly effective. Soda Blasting uses an industrial grade Sodium Bicarbonate – otherwise known as baking soda – which is then applied to a surface using highly compressed air. Upon contacting the surface the energy created from the crystals impact breaks the dirt and contaminants, lifting them from the surface without any damage caused.

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Benefits of Soda Blasting

There are numerous benefits to using Soda Blasting over other cleaning techniques, including:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use on a range of materials, including stonework, concrete and glass
  • Little preparation required as you do not need to mask or clean any surfaces
  • Avoids the use of chemicals for cleaning
  • Able to remove odours as well as stains
  • Efficient method of cleaning, causing little disruption

What are the main uses?

Soda Blasting is a versatile method that can be used for a range of applications. Due to its non-abrasive nature it is suitable to use on all types of material and is often used in building refurbishment projects. Soda Blasting is also suitable to use in the restoration of machinery and on all types of metal surface as it does not damage or leave any imperfections on the surface being cleaned. These qualities make it an ideal option for delicate cleaning tasks.

Outside of the commercial sector it can be used for removing fire damage, cleaning brickwork, removing gum or graffiti and even for cleaning a swimming pool. CPL t/a Rainbow International are well trained in all forms of Soda Blast cleaning and are always happy to discuss the best way we can assist you.

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