Dry Ice Non-Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is a form of non-abrasive blast cleaning that is known by several different names; CO2 blasting and dry ice cleaning are two of the most common. Dry Ice is solid Carbon Dioxide, kept at a temperature of less than -79°C in the form of dry ice snow pellets. During Dry Ice Blast Cleaning these pellets are ejected at high speeds onto the surface being cleaned, the extreme cold temperature causes the dirt to freeze and crack – removing it from the surface. The dry ice pellets vaporise upon impact with the surface, transforming back to CO2, leaving no trace or remnants on the surface.

Media Blasting

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

There are numerous benefits to using Dry Ice Blast Cleaning over other cleaning techniques, including:

  • Minimal preparation required – dry ice pellets are able to reach even the smallest surfaces.
  • No surface erosion as dry ice is non-abrasive
  • No need for staff to use hazardous cleaning chemicals
  • Increases the life of machinery through good maintenance
  • No drying time after cleaning, meaning minimal disruption is caused
  • Can be used with electrical and mechanical parts
  • Environmentally friendly with no additional contaminants
  • Can be used for a number of different applications
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What are the main uses?

Due to its non-abrasive qualities, Dry Ice Blasting is suitable for a number of different uses. Media blasting would not be appropriate in some applications as it leaves a residue. Dry Ice Blasting leaves no residue and therefore highly effective in dealing with food production lines, injection moulding facilities, dry ice cleaning can be used on factory machinery, injection moulds, food production lines and even walls.

Dry Ice Blasting is capable of removing paint, burnt-in deposits, glue, dust and residues, even in the most hard to access places of heavy machinery. A highly efficient means of cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting reduces the time it takes to clean and means that you are able to concentrate on what matters to your business.

Wood Blasting With Dry Ice Blast

Ice Blast Facts.

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. It quickly removes most contaminants without damage to electrical systems such as panels, switches, wiring and valves. Amazing product, really useful.


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