Professional Brick Cleaning Services

CPL t/a Rainbow International have many years’ experience in providing brick cleaning and a wide range of other specialist cleaning services to homes and businesses across the South East, including Sussex, Surrey and Kent.


Whether your brick built property is a modern or period building, it is likely to suffer from the constant exposure to the weather, moss and algae growth, traffic and other atmospheric pollutants, as well as general wear and tear over the years. Dirty brickwork and, worse still, a blackened appearance can dramatically reduce the visual appeal of the building, both inside and out, and also have an adverse effect on its structural integrity over time.

Brick Cleaning Services

At CPL t/a Rainbow International, we offer professional brick cleaning services to restore the beauty of your property. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to ensure that the risk of atmospheric and/or structural damage to the building is minimised, and its original appearance, colour and architectural details, are maintained and preserved.

Our highly skilled team is on hand to provide a professional, competitively priced service for brick cleaning in London, SurreySussex and Kent.

With modern technology, cleaning methods have dramatically improved and we take great pride in choosing the most effective, safe and environmentally aware cleaning process to achieve excellent brick cleaning results every time. We have access to the most specialised industrial cleaning equipment available to remove dirt and staining from brickwork, without damaging the brick itself.

Exterior and interior brick cleaning, paint removal and restoration services offered by CPL t/a Rainbow International are used by property owners, developers and contractors to help improve the appearance of a building. By cleaning old brick work and lifting the overall look and appeal of a property, a substantial uplift in property value is often achieved, far outstripping the cost of brick cleaning.

Whether you wish to preserve the charm and attractiveness of the building or you are preparing the property for sale, brick cleaning is an excellent way to increase both the building’s value and saleability.


With CPL t/a Rainbow International’s extensive experience in providing specialist brickwork cleaning and related services, including high access cleaning, façade cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal, media blasting, and the very latest high tech DOFF and TORC Cleaning Systems, we are the trusted choice for all your brickwork cleaning requirements.

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