The look of your building matters. It’s the first impression your clients get of you when they are visiting for that all important meeting. If you are serious about clinching the deal, sending the right signal starts from the outside. A clean building sends the message that you care about your surroundings. It reflects the image of your brand and will help you to reinforce your commitment, reliability and organisational skills.

Building a level of trust with your clients is imperative for good business relationships. When a visitor walks into your office and sees that it is well-kept on the outside and clean and tidy on the inside it will immediately put them at ease. Keeping the outside of your building clean really does matter.


There are a range of cleaning methods used for effectively cleaning the outside of any building. The building’s surface will determine what cleaning method is most appropriate. Stone surfaces, especially those of heritage buildings, require specialist cleaning methods to preserve the integrity of the stone surface. Two highly effective building cleaning methods that work well for stone surfaces are the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems. These are used extensively in keeping London’s buildings clean.

DOFF is a specialist steam cleaning system. It removes all grime and unwanted material without the use of harmful chemicals and without surface abrasion. It can be used to clean stone surfaces, marble, brickwork, tiled surfaces (including roofs), metals and commercial cladding.

TORC is a cleaning system that uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide a gentle, deep clean for stone surfaces. The TORC cleaning system is very effective for cleaning any stone building and successfully removes carbon sulphation, paint residues, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints.
It’s likely your office building in London requires specialist cleaning services. Dirt and grime have a habit of accumulating in difficult to reach places. For high level cleaning you’ll need to call in the experts.


If you have noticed the outside of your London office building is looking worse for wear, it might be best to call a professional to restore your building to its former gleaming glory. At CPL t/a Rainbow International, we have many years’ experience providing specialist cleaning services for London’s buildings. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.