TORC Media Blast System

Remarkably Powerful And Environmentally Friendly

TORC is a superb pressurised system that operates from 150° to 220°. CPL t/a Rainbow International are the premier business providing the leading media blasting product range for cleaning and paint removal.


The system creates a gentle swirling vortex. TORC is environmentally friendly and uses a mixture of low air pressure, a little water and a safe inert fine granulate. None of these are harmful to humans, animals or the environment.

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The TORC head is modularised into separate components which results in an efficient and gentle swirling vortex using very little water and granulate.

We use a variety of nozzles to achieve the best paint removal of lime washes and other carbon sulphation and brittle paints.

We use a variety of modules according to the work that needs to be carried out. The removable nozzle cone can easily be changed so that a larger cone can be used to clean larger areas such as ashlar. CPL t/a Rainbow International are experts in using this machinery with over 19 years of expert cleaning from Grade I listed buildings and stately homes to smaller domestic jobs.

Some of the TORC small nozzle attachment cones can be used for more intricate detail such as an elaborate wood and delicate stone. You will typically see the work of CPL t/a Rainbow International when you see a church that has been renovated and the stones have been cleaned.

Some of the amazing iconic buildings that TORC has been used on in the UK:

Buckhingham Palace

Buckingham Palace cleaned using the TORC Industrial Cleaning System.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court previously home to Henry VIII. Cleaned using a gentle cleaning system that does not damage of the Grade I listed building.

industrial cleaning Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle cleaned using the gentle industrial cleaning system.

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