Commercial Fire or Flood Cleaning in Surrey

Commercial Fire Damage
Any commercial property in Kent that suffers water or flood damage should be brought to our attention as soon as possible, as we can provide expert advice and assistance with the help of our emergency call out services. We can provide you with the hire of drying equipment, on and off-site water extraction services and buildings and contents restoration.

If your commercial property is damaged as a result of a fire, we’ll do everything we can to get your business back on track in as little time as possible. We can deal with fire and smoke damage and make sure everything is in full working order through controlled waste disposal services and PAT electrical equipment testing.

Whether you’ve been affected by smoke and fire damage or face the aftermath of flood and water damage, we’ll put a full report together that can be used to assist your insurance claim. We’re here to help move the process along as swiftly as possible so that you can get your commercial property fully restored in no time.

Domestic Fire and Flood Damage

Domestic Water Damage
If you are ever forced to cope with the aftermath of flooding or water damage at your domestic property, it’s essential that you are provided with the necessary advice and support. We have many years’ experience providing clients in Surrey towns such as Guildford with expert advice and assistance concerning flooding and water damage. We offer controlled waste disposal, extensive building restoration and standing water removal services.

Fire and smoke damage has the potential to cause devastation throughout any domestic property, leaving many homeowners feeling stressed and upset as a result. Our 24 hour emergency call out service means that we can come to you as soon as possible and offer experienced advice and assistance where it’s needed. We provide building and contents restoration as well as PAT electrical equipment testing to make sure your home is in full working order after a fire.

Brick cleaning Surrey

CPL t/a Rainbow International has many years’ experience providing brick cleaning for both modern and period buildings. Whether a residential or commercial property, bricks are likely to suffer from constant exposure to the weather, moss and algae growth, and traffic and atmospheric pollutants. Just general wear and tear can leave your building looking like it’s in need of some attention. Dirty brickwork will dramatically reduce the curb appeal of your building, and can even have a structural effect over time.

Our brick cleaning service in Surrey will restore your property to its former glory. Regular cleaning will keep your property looking in great condition and minimise the risk of atmospheric and structural damage. We offer competitive prices and we use the most specialised equipment to ensure dirt is removed without any damage to brickwork. We can clean any brickwork inside or outside. If you are keen to preserve the beauty of your building, our brick cleaning service will bring surprisingly great results.

Damp specialist Surrey

We are the leading specialist cleaning service across Surrey and the South East. We specialise in flood and water damage restoration and in identifying sources of damp. Our team has an excellent reputation for identifying sources of damp and in dealing with the clean-up and repair following water damage.
At CPL t/a Rainbow International we make use of state-of-the-art equipment to make sure we correctly identify the source of damp and understand how to deal with it. We’ll carry out a visual inspection first to check out down pipes, roof guttering and flashing and pointing. We’ll also research the local area for flooding or environmental issues. Then we’ll investigate further using the latest technical equipment, electrical moisture meters and salt tests. Not only will we locate the source of the damp problem, we’ll explain the root cause and offer you a comprehensive solution. Our reputation as damp specialists in Surrey is exemplary.

leak detection surrey

A burst pipe or a water leak can cause extensive damage, especially when the source of the leak isn’t obvious. Traditionally, destructive work was often the only way to find the source of a leak and could result in exorbitant costs for repair.

Our experienced engineers at CPL t/a Rainbow International use state-of-the-art water leak detection equipment to get to the source of the leak quickly with minimum destruction to your property. Using a variety of technical equipment such as moisture mapping, thermal imaging, audio location and bore-scope cameras the source of the leak can quickly be uncovered. We’ll use electronic listening devices, thermal imaging cameras and protimeters to make sure any leak is located effectively and efficiently. We also test for Chlorides and Nitrates to establish where the water is coming from.

Once we’ve located and stopped the leak, we offer the most advanced drying equipment for hire. We also have effective sanitising systems to ensure you get things back to normal as quickly as possible. CPL t/a Rainbow International will find your leak and deal with it with the absolute minimum amount of destructive work.

Damp survey surrey

Damp in your property can be a symptom of an internal or external problem. There’s no point throwing money at remedial work for a damp problem if the cause of the damp issue isn’t being dealt with. You can easily spend thousands of pounds on remedial work only to find the damp problem hasn’t really gone if the underlying issue hasn’t been addressed.

At CPL t/a Rainbow International we understand the importance of dealing with the root cause. We focus our attention on identifying the root of the damp problem. We have extensive experience in identifying the causes of damp problems and we don’t have a vested interest in the remedial work, so you can be sure we’ll give you an unbiased report and advise you on the most cost-effective solution.

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies, so we’ll quickly be able to identify what will be covered by your policy. We are happy to provide professional reports for your insurers or meet with them on site.

DOFF cleaning surrey

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the DOFF cleaning service. The DOFF system utilises the deep cleaning capabilities of steam. Even the toughest biological substances can be removed with the DOFF steam cleaner, and with temperatures up to 150°C, there’s no need for chemicals. Moss, algae and fungi can be instantly detached from walls, whilst also killing off any potential spores. We only invest in the very best equipment, which is why we choose DOFF. It surpasses any alternative steam cleaning system.

With our expertise and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we’ll quickly have your building transformed to its natural state.

Quotations for Insurance

If you are one of many who feel the work carried out by a previous contractor was unsatisfactory, we are here to help. We can take over the work that’s already been done and fix any issues that have been encountered as a result of any previous work by other contractors.

If your insurer cannot provide you with any local contractors, make sure you get in touch with us. We can offer you a detailed report along with a quote that’s straightforward and jargon-free. We don’t charge you for these services as we are paid directly by your insurer.

Additional Services

Fecade Cleaning
CPL t/a Rainbow International take advantage of the very latest environmentally friendly products to get rid of graffiti on both commercial and domestic properties. Simply get in touch and provide us with more information related to your specific graffiti removal requirements.

We offer cleaning and restoration services for all types of commercial premises and factories including areas with restricted access. Discuss your specific requirements with us by getting in touch.

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