The architecture in Leeds encompasses a wide range of architectural styles and there are many notable buildings. As well as buildings from as far back as the Middle Ages (Kirkstall Abbey), the city consist of mainly builds from the Industrial Revolution. There’s are also a great many new buildings with the city centre undergoing much redevelopment, including some impressive skyscrapers such as ‘The Dalek’ Bridgewater Place (the tallest building in Yorkshire).

As in any city, the facades of buildings get dirty, and cleaning buildings in a city requires professionals. That’s where we come in. City smog takes its toll on city buildings. Heritage buildings need protecting and high rise buildings pose significant safety risks if not cleaned by appropriately trained cleaning specialists.

At CPL t/a Rainbow International we are committed to the safe and appropriate cleaning of Leeds city buildings. It’s a city we are passionate about and love to keep clean.

Here are 3 top reasons for keeping the outsides of buildings as clean as the insides.

1 – First impressions count – a clean, freshened façade looks neat and creates a great first impression for any visitor. A well-maintained building says a lot about you. Whether you are a business trying to show clients you care about quality, or you own a property you want to sell, a properly maintained and clean building will create the right impression.
2 – Extend the life of your building – Dirt and grime builds up and can cause significant erosion to most property surfaces over time. Without proper regular cleaning, you could find yourself with a hefty maintenance bill to replace areas suffering from wear and tear as a result of the abrasive effects of air pollution, dirt and grime.
3 – Protecting health – Mould and mildew present on buildings have the potential to affect everyone’s health. Research at the University of Toronto found that natural sunlight triggers the release of smog-forming nitrogen oxide compounds from the grime that typically coats outdoor surfaces in urban areas.

CPL t/a Rainbow International use appropriate cleaning methods and a comprehensive range of cleaning services to help business owners and residents across the city of Leeds keep their buildings in tip top condition. From specialist heritage building cleans using our DOFF and TORC cleaning systems to high level cleaning with specially trained cleaners, no cleaning job in Leeds is too big or too small.