Keeping your home warm to prevent damp this winter

One of the main causes of damp and the spread of mould is cold weather and condensation. Excess warm moisture in the air such as steam or water vapour will cause condensation when it meets with colder temperatures that are common in winter. Condensation can also be caused by too much moisture in your home from everyday activities and not enough ventilation. In this post we will take a brief look at a few things you can do to keep your home warm in the winter, preventing damp and mould in your home.

Your Windows

If you haven’t already got double glazed windows in your home, you should consider getting double glazing. Double glazing helps to reduce overall heat loss in your home by preventing warm air from escaping. Remember that excess heat can also contribute to the spread of damp and mould, so you should also consider ventilating your windows.
A trickle vent can be useful in colder months as this means that the window does not have to be open for extended periods of time – which you definitely do not want to be doing in the cold winter months!

Your home

Keeping your home at a steady temperature in winter not only keeps you and your family warm and comfortable, but can also help fight the spread of damp and mould. Keeping your home at a constant temperature helps to prevent condensation from forming and causing further issues. You should ideally keep your home at a steady temperature for constant periods of time as opposed to short bursts of heating – this can cause further complications due to the result of warm air meeting cool temperatures.
Again, remember that ventilating your home is important – but take care not to over ventilate your home during the winter as this will make your house colder and likely increase your heating bills.

What to do if you have mould or damp

If you suspect you have an issue with mould or damp that cannot be dealt with simple household products, you should get in touch with a professional company to carry out a damp survey. CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International have many years’ experience providing damp surveys and other professional services to commercial and residential clients across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today if you require a damp survey in your home.