Heat Mat Drying

Heat Drying Mats

Heat Mat Drying is the latest technology in targeted heat drying equipment. This flexible drying method is one of the world’s most advanced Heat Drying Systems which can reduce standard drying times by as much as 50%. It can also avoid need for stripping out and replacing floors etc. Drying Mats can be used to dry out a structure following a small escape of water or for the saturation of the whole property.  It is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of restoring water damaged structures back to pre-incident conditions.

How does Heat Mat Drying work?

The Heat Mat Drying method uses controlled heat to the water held within the structure in a safe and controlled way, increasing vapour of pressure of the wet structure, speeding up the process of evaporation. 

Once the water is removed and moved into ambient air, the system can then purge the building of wet air and replace it with fresh, unaffected air.

What are the benefits of Heat Mat Drying?

  • Drying times can be reduced by as much as 50%
  • Mats can easily be rolled-up for storage when not being used
  • Not as expensive as other drying methods
  • Reduces disruption for the customer
  • Avoids need for stripping-out and replacing structures
  • A preferred solution by many insurance professionals
  • The system is quiet, intelligent and also energy efficient.
  • Cost-effective and efficient

Drying Mats are a great option for drying out timber flooring as aggressive drying methods may cause cupping and crowning and is less expensive than replacing a high value quality material.

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