Gutter Cleaning Advice

Cleaning Out Your Gutters
Gutter Cleaning is really important, yet a low cost job to do.  Removing leaves and tile moss from your gutter will reduce leaks in the longer term. If not, water can build up and cause damage to your roof and the outside of your home. This could lead to further problems with water damage, including leaky roofs and a build-up of damp and mould. In this blog, we’ll be giving some quick tips on how to clean your gutters to prevent water damage to your home.

Use a good ladder and stay safe

A good ladder is the key to getting you to the right height to check your gutters and clean them out. When using a ladder, it’s important to keep your safety in mind, as well as the safety of anyone who might be underneath the ladder. Do some research and use the right type of ladder to keep you safe. You should also make sure the ladder is on firm, stable ground so that it doesn’t wobble and always make sure to keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

Check for any debris

Leaves and moss usually end up gathering in your gutters, which if left alone could lead to leaks, damage to your gutters and other problems. Luckily, removing leaves and moss is easy to do and can be done with your hands or a good trowel to clear away the mess. You can keep a bucket with you as well to collect these in to be disposed of properly later on. Some problems may not be as obvious straight away, such as moss trapped in a downspout, so have a good look to make sure the problems are dealt with.

Call a professional

If you have already noticed a large build-up of water leaking from your drainpipes, or have maybe noticed a build-up of damp and mould in your home, it might be best to call a professional to assess the situation and deal with any problems caused as a result. At CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International, we have many years’ experience providing specialist cleaning services including damp surveys and dealing with flood and water damage. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.