Good customer service gives CPL a competitive advantage

Today, customers have more choice than ever before so every business needs to keep an eye on the competition both locally, nationally and globally. Measuring customer service and satisfaction and being truly responsive to the customer’s voice is very different from analysing data. CPL has a competitive advantage in industrial cleaning, fire flood restoration and is customer led. This is how CPL increases it’s market share.

Wilfred Charles, industrial cleaning company CPL’s Managing Director said: “At CPL our motto is: It’s not the individual sale but the long-term relationship we target… giving customers what they want in terms of the process and also the outcome at the right price.” It’s CPL’s focus on relationships that gives them their competitive edge. Customers trust CPL to do a good job quickly with no fuss which gives them a high net promoter score. This means increasing the likelihood of recommending a brand to a friend or colleague.

CPL offers the best quality of service at the right price to all of it’s customers including fire flood restoration and paint removal. This means they inspect every property, photograph the damage and compile an inventory of fittings and fixtures for the insurers and loss adjusters. Then CPL stores and restores any assets including industrial equipment off-site in secure containers and cleans the property or site.

A thorough inspection is crucial to the success of the industrial cleaning operation because it will identify and sanitise secondary damage which is not visible to the naked eye as well as the smoke damage and flood damage that you can see. For example, smoke damage hidden behind a suspended ceiling or moisture contained inside brick walls within the fabric of the building will only be found by a fire flood restoration company. DIY cleaning will not achieve these results and will leave your commercial premises or home vulnerable to disrepair in the future.

CPL offers test cleans to find the best product, technique and set the quality standard for the clean. Detailed risk assessments and method statements of industrial cleaning are provided upon request before the work starts.

When the unexpected happens, call CPL for fire flood restoration

For example, you are the customer of a multi million pound building project tendering for a new contract on a construction site. You assess the tenders, appoint a project manager who enlists contractors and signs contracts. Work starts on site and then there is a flood. You have no disaster recovery plan so when your site is flooded, you don’t know who to call.

We know that when the unexpected happens, a rapid response is everything. That’s why we have a 24 hour emergency helpline. It means if your company suffers a fire or flood on a Saturday evening we can be on-site inspecting, gathering evidence for your insurer before the industrial cleaning begins and starting remediation work the next day.

According to Customer Champions, ‘What’s lacking in most companies is a real understanding, alignment and focus on their customers and a genuine understanding of what value they can provide to their customers. To date, companies have focused on “what they can do to their customers,” rather than “what they can do for their customers.” ’  

Adam Branson from Construction News facilitated a roundtable discussion with directors about the difference between value and cost in 2019. Bam Construct framework director said: “We’ve seen real benefits on some of our frameworks from working on long-term objectives. From a contractor’s point of view, we would like that to be reflected in quality scores – it’s not all about price.” Maintaining your property increases the value of the asset significantly.

You grow your market share by segmenting and targeting your customers

You measure CPL’s value by measuring the quality of the service we provide. It’s not about being the best value in the marketplace, it’s about being the best in your industry which means you will increase your  market share and outrank the competition.

While every sale is a transaction, it’s only as good as the last transaction. Your best partnerships are long term relationships of mutual benefit with loyal customers. At industrial cleaning companies like CPL, we ensure the best process at the right price.

To maintain profitability you must create reliable methods of measuring the value of what your business offers compared to the competition. You may need some sort of CRM (Customer relationship management) system to help you improve tracking and management of prospects and customers. This should make your business more profitable because it will enable you to identify and target the right prospective customers and sell them products that they really need.

At industrial cleaning company CPL, the managers keep in touch will all their customers and prospective customers. We check if customers are satisfied upon completion of the job and keep in touch to nurture the long-term relationship rather than concentrating on the individual sale. We follow up all new business leads and track sales from recommendations, referrals, telephone enquiries and the website.

We restore your property making it cleaner than before the fire or flood and encourage customers to think about “entire lifecycle of a development” (Mr Branson, Construction News), rather than just the industrial cleaning job in front of us.

To be a business focused on customer service, you must provide the best value to customers, to employees, and to shareholders. You can only do this if you establish the connection among these three imperatives and treat them all with the same importance.

Experienced technicians and your project manager need to ensure customer satisfaction from inspection through to completion. One way to do this is using the Net Promoter Score (NPS.) They do that by getting feedback, keeping the customer informed throughout the industrial cleaning process and getting a Google review with a star rating at the end. If there is any negative feedback, CPL will take steps to address this at the earliest opportunity.  

According to Medallia, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. What is generated is a score between -100 and 100 called the Net Promoter Score.

Competitive advantage

Businesses often offer several levels of service and need to work out who their audience is and how they will capture their market share. A competitive advantage is an advantage over competitors gained by offering consumers greater value, either by having lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices.

Companies do this by listening to customers, determining and not deviating from quality standards and retaining the competitive advantage. Achieving synergy of these three business objectives is the only way to grow the customer base and each transaction will rest or fall on the quality of these relationships and trust.

Investopedia explains that you gain a competitive advantage by generating more sales or superior margins compared to your market rivals. Competitive advantages are attributed to a variety of factors including cost structure, branding, the quality of product offerings, the distribution network, intellectual property and customer service.

Your overall aim is to increase your market share. You do this by finding new customers, engendering loyalty and keeping the competitive advantage. However, a race to the bottom about price can ultimately work against providing value for money because it undermines the quality of services and products offered.  

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