Factory Cleanup – The Right Way

Factory being cleaned sign
A yellow cleaning in process sign on the floor

Regardless of whether your factory or indeed a warehouse with a fulfilment centre produces textiles, food, electronics or anything in between it is vital that it is kept clean to stay compliant with both workplace health and safety and fire safety regulations.  Regular plant maintenance will not only ensure equipment is in good working order but it will also help to lengthen the life expectancy of the machinery and in some cases early detection of faults can avoid expensive and frequent repairs of facilities.  

So with this in mind here are CPL t/a Rainbow International’s top tips to keep your factory in clean condition: 

  • Have a factory clean maintenance plan. “Fail to plan and plan to fail.”  Without a clear maintenance plan aligned with H&S guidelines and outlining factory clean details split by deep cleaning vs regular cleaning with a scheduled timing plan in place there will inevitably be oversights which could result in hefty repair bills or worse health and safety accidents.  Each plant should have it’s own plan to fit it’s specific needs and should include scheduled cleanups and periodic machine troubleshooting.  
  • Assign responsibility for the maintenance plan.  “The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it” – Lou Holtz.  A good maintenance plan will only be effective if it is actually implemented. Whether it’s a health and safety executive or a senior manager who is responsible for risk assessments ensure that it is clear who within your factory is responsible for ensuring the maintenance plan is carried out.  Assign accountability to the role responsible and schedule in periodic check-ins to make sure the plan is being actioned appropriately.  
  • Consider green cleaning.  Make green your factory’s favourite colour and consider environmentally friendly cleaning options like soda blasting.  Soda blasting is a form of non-abrasive pressure cleaning that is both highly effective and eco-friendly. Soda Blasting uses an industrial grade Sodium Bicarbonate – otherwise known as baking soda – which is then applied to a surface using highly compressed air. Upon contacting the surface the energy created from the impact of the crystals breaks the dirt and contaminants, lifting them from the surface without any damage caused.
  • Make maintaining a clean factory environment part of your company culture.  Whilst responsibility for the overall maintenance plan should sit within a particular team or role it will really benefit the general cleanliness and morale of your factory if you make it part of your team culture.  Take time in team meetings to talk about safety in the workplace and the benefits of having a regular cleaning routine, build cleaning into your team’s everyday work schedule, ensuring they have the right equipment to do so and most importantly lead by example!  Each member of staff should be given responsibility over their own area of the site, and they should be held accountable if it isn’t being maintained to the required standard. This should apply to senior members of staff just as it does to those further down the chain of command.  

Following these steps will ensure you maintain a clean, safe and organised factory or warehouse that will make it much easier to carry out larger more specialised deep cleans.   We at CPL t/a Rainbow International are experts in factory cleaning so whether you’re looking for a one-off clean or a more scheduled periodic clean give us a call and we can help. We will work around your schedule and do everything possible to make sure that the cleaning process impacts the running of your businesses as little as possible.  So don’t delay and give CPL t/a Rainbow International a call today.