Don’t be misled over damp

Households could be spending hundreds of pounds on unnecessary damp-proofing treatment.

Dark patches appearing on the wall, a musty smell, rotting wood – Discovering signs of damp in your home can be unpleasant, so companies offering a ‘free survey’ to examine symptoms and find a cure have obvious appeal, but be aware that these companies have a vested interest in carrying out the treatment. That is why they offer the free Survey.

“Which” carried out a snapshot investigation, assessing the advice offered by damp-treatment companies; the findings were less attractive. In two thirds of cases, companies recommended what their experts deemed to be unnecessary or inappropriate treatment or missed the problem completely. Five of the eleven companies that visited one property recommended unnecessary damp treatment and five companies failed to notice the likely penetrating/rising damp problem at the front of the house.

Damp proofing should be a last resort. Damp in the internal space will always have a source. Most of these sources can be identified and resolved without the need for damp proofing and in some cases the source may even be covered by your insurance policy. The other issue with damp proofing without resolving the source of the damp is you may just spend all this money simply to push the problem along to affect a different area.

It will always be advisable to invest in a damp survey performed by a company which does not have an interest in treatment.

At CPL we only carry out damp surveys. We do not carry out or recommend companies for damp proof treatment.

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