Designed and developed to effectively remove paint, biological matter and general dirt without damaging the surfaces. Used by the UK No 1 CPL. 

Doff Approved Contractors

The DOFF System is unique in achieving temperatures up to 150 degrees at the nozzle end – making it a ‘superheated water system’.

DOFF - What can it be used for ?

The steam/superheated water will remove paint, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. There’s is no need to use a chemical biocide because the superheated jet destroys all spores instantly. Used by us who have been expertly trainined to make best use of the DOFF system. CPL are the number one specialists.

DOFF - How does it work?

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high-temperature steam. Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. In the hands of CPL trained specialist technicians we ensure the surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.


150°C Maximum Temperature 5L Of Water Dispersed Per Minute


DOFF System - What Surfaces Do We Use It On?

We recommend the DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled (glazed and encaustic), wood, faience and terracotta. It is a useful sterilisation tool for kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, hospitals and factories.

Doff System Used In Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Kitchens

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