Professional Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

bio-suit-headCrime Scene Cleaning experts CPL t/a Rainbow International have plenty of experience providing specialist and professional trauma and crime scene cleaning services in the event of suicide, trauma or crime scene-related incidents. We realise how distressing these incidents can be for the friends and families involved and that they will not be primarily concerned with the presence of airborne bacteria or potentially hazardous bodily fluids at the scene. CPL t/a Rainbow International always work with our clients in mind and ensure the process is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Many people believe that the emergency services deal with the safe clean-up of trauma and crime scenes once they have provided their own respective service. In fact, the owner of the property or premises where the incident took place is responsible for the clean-up, in which case we are here to provide our specialist services to those seeking professional help and assistance. Our trauma and crime scene clean-up and disinfection services are discreet and efficient so that total client confidentiality is maintained.

The cleaning of crime and trauma scenes incorporates strict guidelines and legislation due to the nature of the bodily fluids often present at the scene. Many of these bodily fluids can cause harm to the general public, with viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV capable of being transferred via direct contact. This is why the treatment of these areas is absolutely fundamental in order to prevent potential infection and exposure.

Our Expert Services

Crime Scene Cleaning is not the only service we provide, why not take full advantage of advanced cleaning equipment and disinfection techniques to ensure the surrounding area is completely safe and the removal of potentially harmful bodily fluids is carried out safely and with the utmost care and consideration. This minimises the chance of infection and exposure to the public. Our specialist trauma and crime scene cleaning operatives are on hand to provide a rapid response to these stressful and difficult situations.

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  • Discreet Cleaning Services
  • Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Biohazard Decontamination
  • Ozone treatments for sterilising
  • Needle & Sharps Removal & Disposal
  • Animal Fouling Cleaned and Sterilised
  • Accident scene clean up
  • Blood spill clean up
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  • Contamination cleaning
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