Don’t wait for a construction accident, promote health and safety today

Your construction workplace needs to be safe from hazards to prevent accidents but your responsibility as an employer is much greater than that. You need to take all reasonable steps to promote health and safety and prevent harm. If you work in construction or offer commercial cleaning services like Charles Piton Ltd, your team will be … Read more

accidental damage insurance

Commercial insurance must include accidental damage insurance

Commercial insurance must include accidental damage which covers all accidents to property and people that occur by chance at work on commercial premises. This will form part of a commercial insurance package and sits alongside employer and public liability insurance. Personal accident insurance relates to individuals and often results in compensation for damage or death … Read more

building insurance

Arrange building insurance before property exchange

You get a call from your estate agent saying your property exchange has been successful. You are told to arrange building insurance. Completion will take a few weeks and your agent will be in touch when you can come into the office to collect the keys. Two weeks later you get the keys and pop … Read more

empty property

Empty property is dangerous

Each year there are around 9000 fires in empty properties and 22,000 non-residential fires. Empty premises are also at risk of water damage due to inadequate maintenance/repairs, especially when coupled with infrequent site visits. Owners have a legal ‘duty of care’ to third parties such as authorised people entering the premises, whether they are employees, … Read more

property management

Commercial property management – is it good or bad?

A property management company is an intermediary between landlord and tenant. Residential leaseholders in blocks of flats tend to have a managing agent looking after their property but businesses use them too. If your premises are damaged by a fire or flood, a commercial property management agent should be able to help because maintaining the … Read more

insurance claim

Why loss adjusters matter when a business makes an insurance claim

You will need to make a business insurance claim if your commercial premises is damaged by a flood or a fire. Charles Piton Ltd will help you assess, document and survey the damage, clean up and repair your property but you may need to involve other experts. Everyone must inform their insurance companies or broker … Read more

Commercial insurance

Pitfalls to avoid when arranging commercial insurance

When arranging commercial insurance that will cover you for flood damage cleaning, you must get more than one quote. Don’t just choose the cheapest quote when you compare business insurance, choose the most comprehensive cover and check the upper limit of any claim. If water damage penetrates your property, damaging the walls, beams or roof, … Read more

fire damage

Make sure your business insurance policies cover you against fire damage

An electrical fault with a piece of equipment, can lead to a whole building going up in flames. Flooding can be due to adverse weather, environmental incidents or problems with the water system at your or neighbouring commercial property such as poor drainage, damaged roof or a burst pipe etc. Imagine the scenario: you get … Read more

Industrial Cleaning Dorking.

An Industrial Cleaning Company in Dorking specialises in delivering the best industrial and commercial cleaning services Dorking has to offer. With many years’ experience providing an extensive range of cleaning services, CPL have the expertise to offer anything you need. If you are an office block or have buildings that require industrial or commercial cleaning, … Read more

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