Fire Disaster Recovery-Top tips for the fire cleanup process

If your business or property has been consumed by a fire then it will not only suffer damage to its furnishings and structural integrity but there are also some time-sensitive dangers to be aware of in the immediate aftermath.  So we at CPL have given you some top do’s and don’ts to help minimize any … Read more

Jurys Inn Brighton Facade Cleaning

Building cleaning at the Jury’s Waterfront Hotel brighton

Building cleaning and particularly high access cleaning, it can be challenging, needs specialist equipment and you need lots of experience to do it really well. Thankfully that is what CPL have been doing for the last 19 years. We have cleaned some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK. Our specialist equipment and experience … Read more

Fire Cleaning At Snows BMW Portsmouth

Fire Clean-up The Cause Of The Fire Fire gutted the BMW showroom and workshops, with extensive fire damage to an isolated area but every extensive smoke damage to the rest of the building. Fire crews were called to the BMW Snow’s premises in the evening and fire tenders were still making safe until 3am the … Read more

Factory Cleanup – the right way

Regardless of whether your factory or indeed a warehouse with a fulfilment centre produces textiles, food, electronics or anything in between it is vital that it is kept clean to stay compliant with both workplace health and safety and fire safety regulations.  Regular plant maintenance will not only ensure equipment is in good working order … Read more

Some easy steps to become more eco-friendly on plastic bag free day

Today is international plastic bag free day which will see hundreds of people around the world and on social media take action to spread the word on the environmental impact of single-use plastics. I don’t think there are many of us who would disagree we all need to do something to reduce our impact on … Read more

Flooding In Your Business

Flooding in your business could destroy your livelihood, family and possessions. Flooding is rapid when it happens and can occur many miles away from the down pour or the the source. The effects of flood are undoubtably devastating. You often see the TV images of floods that have happened in recent years across the UK. … Read more

best air purifier

CPL finds the best air purifier for smoke and odour removal

Plastic caused a fire at a Ford dealership which required CPL to find the best air purifier for smoke in order to work out how to fix smoke damage. The fire left heavy to medium soot damage and soot odour to the parts area of the back office and medium to light soot damage and … Read more

water leak

Dry out your property fully after a water leak or flood

A water leak or flood can start from any source inside or outside a property and may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. It’s very important to detect and fix a water leak as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture spreading throughout the house or commercial premises. A plumber can help you … Read more

restoration companies

Restoration companies put customers first

In the event of a fire or flood, it is essential that customers contact restoration companies immediately to minimise the damage. Customers will be concerned about the contents, fittings and fixtures of their property as well as the fabric of the building. Restoration companies such as Charles Piton Limited will understand customer needs as we … Read more

fire hazard

Beware: A magnifying glass is a fire hazard

Be careful of free-standing magnifying mirrors, glass ornaments, magnifying glass or paperweights that may be exposed to direct light because they can catch fire in the sunlight. Do not leave mirrors or glass ornaments on window sills because they are a fire hazard. You will be surprised by the extent of fire damage and smoke they can … Read more

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