insurance claim

Why loss adjusters matter when a business makes an insurance claim

You will need to make a business insurance claim if your commercial premises is damaged by a flood or a fire. Charles Piton Ltd will help you assess, document and survey the damage, clean up and repair your property but you may need to involve other experts. Everyone must inform their insurance companies or broker … Read more

Commercial insurance

Pitfalls to avoid when arranging commercial insurance

When arranging commercial insurance that will cover you for flood damage cleaning, you must get more than one quote. Don’t just choose the cheapest quote when you compare business insurance, choose the most comprehensive cover and check the upper limit of any claim. If water damage penetrates your property, damaging the walls, beams or roof, … Read more

fire damage

Make sure your business insurance policies cover you against fire damage

An electrical fault with a piece of equipment, can lead to a whole building going up in flames. Flooding can be due to adverse weather, environmental incidents or problems with the water system at your or neighbouring commercial property such as poor drainage, damaged roof or a burst pipe etc. Imagine the scenario: you get … Read more

Industrial Cleaning Dorking.

industrial cleaning company
High Level Cleaning

An Industrial Cleaning Company in Dorking specialises in delivering the best industrial and commercial cleaning services Dorking has to offer. With many years’ experience providing an extensive range of cleaning services, CPL have the expertise to offer anything you need. If you are an office block or have buildings that require industrial or commercial cleaning, get in touch or call us on 03300 240 699. We have been operating for over 17 years in Dorking, Redhill, Reigate and Guildford areas producing the best possible Industrial Cleanup services.

Industrial Cleaning Company In Dorking.

industrial cleaning company
Flood Damage

We are commercial cleaners in Crawley and we pride ourselves on offering a professional and efficient service. We even provide 24 hour emergency call out to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business, no matter what challenges you face.

We are trusted by thousands of landlords and businesses to take care of their façade cleaning. As a part of our industrial cleaning solutions we make often make use of state-of-the-art DOFF & TORC cleaning systems. The DOFF system uses steam reaching temperatures of 150°C to remove paint and various biological substances including moss and algae. The TORC system is used for gently cleaning stone with a mixture of low air pressure, fine granulate and water.

If your property is several storeys high, you can make use of our high access cleaning services. We are highly experienced in using high access to carry out cleaning for stones and masonry as well as tasks including media blasting, pressure washing and graffiti removal.

Factory cleaning is another of our specialities as we take care of restoration and maintenance services on factories and warehouses of any size. Whether it is a one-off deep clean or a regular contract, talk to a member of our team about what we can do for you.

Dorking Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Whether you’re the owner of a small business, run an office or the landlord of a huge commercial property, water damage and leaks can cause very serious problems. Our experienced and professional team understands this and we are always more than happy to provide advice and assistance to any business in Crawley that has suffered water damage.

The immediate problems from leaks and flooding are obvious, but damage can cause lasting problems that will have serious consequences to your business in the long term. We can deal with everything from leak detection and water extraction to sanitation and deodorising to prevent mould and infections.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in The Dorking, Redhill, Reigate Areas.

industrial cleaning company
Commercial Fire Damage

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be very stressful for owners of commercial businesses and premises. We make it as easy as possible for you to retain business continuity through this difficult time, taking care of everything from the removal of soot and controlled waste disposal to the PAT testing of electricals to ensure sockets and contents are safe and in good working order following a fire. We engage and listen to your needs to get a resolution to enable you to get your business operational again. CPL are the Industrial Cleaning Company.

We have extensive experience dealing with buildings following fire damage so whether you need something as simple as smoke odour removal or full buildings and content fire restoration work, we are more than happy to help.

Other Services

Our Industrial Cleaning Company in Dorking services not only external building cleans but also deep kitchen cleans, cleaning after fire and floods. Get in touch with our team for a breakdown of exactly what we can help you with or browse our range of services.

We also provide residential cleaning services to private households. Whether you have experienced fire or water damage in dorking, we know that it can be very stressful as you look to get your home back to normal. We make use of professional quality cleaning equipment to deal with any problems you might have so you can move on from the problems you have had.

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Industrial Cleaning Dorking are your commercial answer to cleaning in schools, council offices, high rise and multi occupancy flats, commercial cleaning services are what we do best. Call us today on 03300 240 699 or contact us for a free quote. We even have an on-call 24 hour emergency helpline if you need urgent assistance for fire and flood cleanup in buildings.

Flood risk assessment

Don’t be caught out: do a flood risk assessment

Charles Piton Ltd conducts Flood Risk Assessments for commercial and residential property and industrial sites. In England and Wales, the Environment Agency requires property owners to submit a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) along with planning applications in any area at risk of flooding, such as a floodplain. The Environment Agency will not grant planning permission in … Read more

media blasting

Media blasting will transform your premises

If you want to spruce up your property, Charles Piton’s media blasting techniques will help. Charles Piton Ltd use several different media blasting techniques to clean surfaces damaged by soot, smoke, paint or general wear and tear. Metal and wood can be cleaned using ice. Ice blast cleaning works by very exactly targeting carbon dioxide … Read more

flood damage

A rapid response ensures the best clean-up after flood damage

If your business, factory, warehouse or home is damaged by a flood you need immediate expert help. Charles Piton Ltd is an experienced, discreet and professional service that can help your business with flood damage, water extraction, mould removal, ceiling water damage and water damage restoration at your commercial or private property. Water extraction needs … Read more

Call in a fire clean up company after a fire at your business

An emergency call in the middle of the night is every business owner’s nightmare. Your premises is on fire. Careful emergency planning before you get the call will keep everyone safe and reduce costs in the long-term. And you need a fire clean up company like Charles Piton Limited (CPL Ltd) to remove the soot damage … Read more

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