Paint Removal At Marine Court St Leonards-On-Sea

Good customer service gives CPL a competitive advantage

Today, customers have more choice than ever before so every business needs to keep an eye on the competition both locally, nationally and globally. Measuring customer service and satisfaction and being truly responsive to the customer’s voice is very different from analysing data. CPL has a competitive advantage in industrial cleaning, fire flood restoration and … Read more

paint removal

Paint removal experts, you think it’s easy?

Paint removal experts, are you one ? It’s seen as easy, right? I mean all you have to do is get a jet washer and blast the surface with high-pressure water. At CPL we use professional high power eco-friendly industrial doff steam cleaner techniques. It’s just a far cry from just pointing a high-pressure lance … Read more

water resistant

Steps to make your property more water resistant

Make your property more water resistant and avoid the need for house water damage repairs and costly drying equipment if you are worried about flooding. Property flood resilience is also called property level protection. It means measures taken to make your property more resilient to floods. For example, hydrosacs are better than sandbags because they have … Read more

best air purifier

CPL finds the best air purifier for smoke and odour removal

Plastic caused a fire at a Ford dealership which required CPL to find the best air purifier for smoke in order to work out how to fix smoke damage. The fire left heavy to medium soot damage and soot odour to the parts area of the back office and medium to light soot damage and … Read more

water leak

Dry out your property fully after a water leak or flood

A water leak or flood can start from any source inside or outside a property and may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. It’s very important to detect and fix a water leak as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture spreading throughout the house or commercial premises. A plumber can help you … Read more

restoration companies

Restoration companies put customers first

In the event of a fire or flood, it is essential that customers contact restoration companies immediately to minimise the damage. Customers will be concerned about the contents, fittings and fixtures of their property as well as the fabric of the building. Restoration companies such as Charles Piton Limited will understand customer needs as we … Read more

fire hazard

Beware: A magnifying glass is a fire hazard

Be careful of free-standing magnifying mirrors, glass ornaments, magnifying glass or paperweights that may be exposed to direct light because they can catch fire in the sunlight. Do not leave mirrors or glass ornaments on window sills because they are a fire hazard. You will be surprised by the extent of fire damage and smoke they can … Read more

Indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance: Don’t under insure your industrial machinery

Do not assume your indemnity insurance policy covers your industrial machinery and any customer’s assets in storage which may be under refurbishment. This is the main message from this article. You must check you have the maximum cover you will need for your business in the event of a fire, flood or other incident that … Read more


Salt tests may indicate rising damp

Certain salts, nitrates and chlorides are left behind when soil water evaporates (rising damp) on the surface of walls. A meaningful analysis can be carried out provided plaster on a wall has not been disturbed for several years. Rising damp can be caused by a missing damp proof course but it may be due to … Read more

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