Top tips for gutter cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the guttering at your home or your commercial premises is a job that is all too often ignored. But if gutters aren’t kept clear of debris and properly maintained they could end up causing water damage to your property. Even if water is retained within the gutter, pooled water will end up … Read more

Dealing with Damp

Finding damp in your property is never pleasant, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to prevent and deal with damp. Take a look at below our advice on dealing with damp. Find the source and control the spread Damp can be caused by a number of factors including leaks, cracks, blocked … Read more

Summer house jobs

Now that the summer is here, it’s the perfect time to clean up your house and get everything in order. Once you’ve got all the normal jobs done and made sure the inside of your home is nice and tidy, you should be careful not to forget about the outside of your home! There are … Read more


The architecture in Leeds encompasses a wide range of architectural styles and there are many notable buildings. As well as buildings from as far back as the Middle Ages (Kirkstall Abbey), the city consist of mainly builds from the Industrial Revolution. There’s are also a great many new buildings with the city centre undergoing much … Read more


The look of your building matters. It’s the first impression your clients get of you when they are visiting for that all important meeting. If you are serious about clinching the deal, sending the right signal starts from the outside. A clean building sends the message that you care about your surroundings. It reflects the … Read more


Manchester city centre’s skyline is about to undergo a drastic change. In the next few years a number of high-rise towers will bloom and change the skyline forever. Some of the builds have already started and planning permission has been given the go ahead for many more. As reported in the Manchester Evening News, as … Read more

Possible problems – Injected insulation

Interstitial condensation This is when the inner leaf of the wall after insulation becomes much warmer and this has a knock-on effect of pushing condensation away from the inner wall. This can cause condensation to form within the cavity because the dew-point, with warmer air, gets pushed back and out towards the cold outer wall, … Read more

Gutter Cleaning Advice

It’s important to make sure your gutters are clean and free of any blockages. If not, water can build up and cause damage to your roof and the outside of your home. This could lead to further problems with water damage, including leaky roofs and a build-up of damp and mould. In this blog, we’ll … Read more

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