Case Studies

Fire Disaster Recovery-Top tips for the fire cleanup process

If your business or property has been consumed by a fire then it will not only suffer damage to its furnishings and structural integrity but there are also some time-sensitive dangers to be aware of in the immediate aftermath.  So we at CPL have given you some top do’s and don’ts to help minimize any … Read more

Factory Cleanup – the right way

Regardless of whether your factory or indeed a warehouse with a fulfilment centre produces textiles, food, electronics or anything in between it is vital that it is kept clean to stay compliant with both workplace health and safety and fire safety regulations.  Regular plant maintenance will not only ensure equipment is in good working order … Read more

Some easy steps to become more eco-friendly on plastic bag free day

Today is international plastic bag free day which will see hundreds of people around the world and on social media take action to spread the word on the environmental impact of single-use plastics. I don’t think there are many of us who would disagree we all need to do something to reduce our impact on … Read more

best air purifier

CPL finds the best air purifier for smoke and odour removal

Plastic caused a fire at a Ford dealership which required CPL to find the best air purifier for smoke in order to work out how to fix smoke damage. The fire left heavy to medium soot damage and soot odour to the parts area of the back office and medium to light soot damage and … Read more

water leak

Dry out your property fully after a water leak or flood

A water leak or flood can start from any source inside or outside a property and may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. It’s very important to detect and fix a water leak as quickly as possible to prevent the moisture spreading throughout the house or commercial premises. A plumber can help you … Read more

restoration companies

Restoration companies put customers first

In the event of a fire or flood, it is essential that customers contact restoration companies immediately to minimise the damage. Customers will be concerned about the contents, fittings and fixtures of their property as well as the fabric of the building. Restoration companies such as Charles Piton Limited will understand customer needs as we … Read more

fire hazard

Beware: A magnifying glass is a fire hazard

Be careful of free-standing magnifying mirrors, glass ornaments, magnifying glass or paperweights that may be exposed to direct light because they can catch fire in the sunlight. Do not leave mirrors or glass ornaments on window sills because they are a fire hazard. You will be surprised by the extent of fire damage and smoke they can … Read more

Indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance: Don’t under insure your industrial machinery

Do not assume your indemnity insurance policy covers your industrial machinery and any customer’s assets in storage which may be under refurbishment. This is the main message from this article. You must check you have the maximum cover you will need for your business in the event of a fire, flood or other incident that … Read more

commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning keeps your high rise building sparkling and your business profitable

It’s not possible to overestimate the importance of commercial cleaning to ensure a well-maintained building that houses your premises. Your high rise building must be cleaned with a pressure washer. First impressions matter and your business needs to look its best as your client gets out of his or her car to meet you for the … Read more


Salt tests may indicate rising damp

Certain salts, nitrates and chlorides are left behind when soil water evaporates (rising damp) on the surface of walls. A meaningful analysis can be carried out provided plaster on a wall has not been disturbed for several years. Rising damp can be caused by a missing damp proof course but it may be due to … Read more

flooding in your business

Assess your flood risk and plan ahead

Your property may be affected by a flood during a storm or because of surface water flooding when the drains can’t cope with the amount of rainfall. Surface water can affect anywhere, not just areas near rivers or the sea. Urban areas with high-density housing and lots of concrete are the most susceptible to surface … Read more

fire damage

Fire damage threatens a pub wedding

An electrical fault caused fire damage and smoke damage that required ozone, to the main bar area at the grade II listed Leicester Arms Hotel in Penshurst, Tonbridge on Friday 28th September. This was three working days before a scheduled wedding reception was due to take place at 3pm on Thursday 04 October. Management at … Read more


Don’t wait for a construction accident, promote health and safety today

Your construction workplace needs to be safe from hazards to prevent accidents but your responsibility as an employer is much greater than that. You need to take all reasonable steps to promote health and safety and prevent harm. If you work in construction or offer commercial cleaning services like Charles Piton Ltd, your team will be … Read more

accidental damage insurance

Commercial insurance must include accidental damage insurance

Commercial insurance must include accidental damage which covers all accidents to property and people that occur by chance at work on commercial premises. This will form part of a commercial insurance package and sits alongside employer and public liability insurance. Personal accident insurance relates to individuals and often results in compensation for damage or death … Read more

building insurance

Arrange building insurance before property exchange

You get a call from your estate agent saying your property exchange has been successful. You are told to arrange building insurance. Completion will take a few weeks and your agent will be in touch when you can come into the office to collect the keys. Two weeks later you get the keys and pop … Read more

empty property

Empty property is dangerous

Each year there are around 9000 fires in empty properties and 22,000 non-residential fires. Empty premises are also at risk of water damage due to inadequate maintenance/repairs, especially when coupled with infrequent site visits. Owners have a legal ‘duty of care’ to third parties such as authorised people entering the premises, whether they are employees, … Read more

property management

Commercial property management – is it good or bad?

A property management company is an intermediary between landlord and tenant. Residential leaseholders in blocks of flats tend to have a managing agent looking after their property but businesses use them too. If your premises are damaged by a fire or flood, a commercial property management agent should be able to help because maintaining the … Read more

insurance claim

Why loss adjusters matter when a business makes an insurance claim

You will need to make a business insurance claim if your commercial premises is damaged by a flood or a fire. Charles Piton Ltd will help you assess, document and survey the damage, clean up and repair your property but you may need to involve other experts. Everyone must inform their insurance companies or broker … Read more

Commercial insurance

Pitfalls to avoid when arranging commercial insurance

When arranging commercial insurance that will cover you for flood damage cleaning, you must get more than one quote. Don’t just choose the cheapest quote when you compare business insurance, choose the most comprehensive cover and check the upper limit of any claim. If water damage penetrates your property, damaging the walls, beams or roof, … Read more

fire and flood clean up

Arrange business insurance before making a flood damage or fire damage insurance claim

When making a fire damage insurance claim, you need to be prepared to give full details of the incident that led to the fire or flood and an estimate of the cost of the fire and flood clean up. Call Charles Piton Ltd (CPL) first to help you assess the damage.  It’s essential that you get … Read more

fire damage

Make sure your business insurance policies cover you against fire damage

An electrical fault with a piece of equipment, can lead to a whole building going up in flames. Flooding can be due to adverse weather, environmental incidents or problems with the water system at your or neighbouring commercial property such as poor drainage, damaged roof or a burst pipe etc. Imagine the scenario: you get … Read more

surface water flooding

Don’t be caught out: do a flood risk assessment

Charles Piton Ltd conducts Flood Risk Assessments for commercial and residential property and industrial sites. In England and Wales, the Environment Agency requires property owners to submit a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) along with planning applications in any area at risk of flooding, such as a floodplain. The Environment Agency will not grant planning permission in … Read more

media blasting

Media blasting will transform your premises

If you want to spruce up your property, Charles Piton’s media blasting techniques will help. Charles Piton Ltd use several different media blasting techniques to clean surfaces damaged by soot, smoke, paint or general wear and tear. Metal and wood can be cleaned using ice. Ice blast cleaning works by very exactly targeting carbon dioxide … Read more

flood damage extraction

A rapid response ensures the best clean-up after flood damage

If your business, factory, warehouse or home is damaged by a flood you need immediate expert help. Charles Piton Ltd is an experienced, discreet and professional service that can help your business with flood damage, water extraction, mould removal, ceiling water damage and water damage restoration at your commercial or private property. Water extraction needs … Read more

Call in a fire clean up company after a fire at your business

An emergency call in the middle of the night is every business owner’s nightmare. Your premises is on fire. Careful emergency planning before you get the call will keep everyone safe and reduce costs in the long-term. And you need a fire clean up company like Charles Piton Limited (CPL Ltd) to remove the soot damage … Read more

steam cleaning

Choose the DOFF steam cleaning method for a chemical free finish – Ask CPL Ltd how

DOFF is a tried and tested chemical free, steam-based cleaning system which heats water to 150 degrees centigrade to remove all sorts of dirt. For example, cleaning with DOFF will remove grime, mould, algae, moss, loose paint, graffiti, chewing gum, dust, mud and dirt from a variety of buildings, car parks, bridges, factories and tennis courts. … Read more


Cleaning up after a biohazard

Whether it is a biological or chemical spillage, accident or cleaning up needles and other sharp instruments in a hospital, Charles Piton Limited can help with it all. If you are responsible for premises or a business, it is your responsibility to keep it clean. Biohazard decontamination means cleaning up an industrial area after a sewage … Read more


Deep clean your factory regularly to protect staff, customers and equipment

Imagine a sandwich factory that has failed to meet health and safety standards. Inspectors may close the factory with immediate effect. However, even if the management address all the inspectors’ concerns, the reputational damage can mean the business loses a significant number of its clients. This is why cleaning your factory regularly matters. It can … Read more

flooding parking lot

Beware the flood and seek help straight away

Severe gales and heavy rainfall known as Storm Desmond swept through southern Scotland, the north of England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 5 and 6 December 2015. You may also remember havoc wreaked by the Great storm of 1987. However, a storm is not the only reason your property may be flooded. There can be … Read more

fire restoration company

The Fire Restoration Company.

If you thought fire safety and preventing fire damage was not important to your home and family before Grenfell, it must now be crystal clear that it is. The world looked on in shock as a 24 storey block in central London went up in flames and 71 people died including women and children. Cheap, … Read more

Top tips for gutter cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the guttering at your home or your commercial premises is a job that is all too often ignored. But if gutters aren’t kept clear of debris and properly maintained they could end up causing water damage to your property. Even if water is retained within the gutter, pooled water will end up … Read more

Make your business stand out this summer – what a building clean can really do

How would you describe your commercial building? More importantly, how would visitors to your business describe it? The curb appeal of your building is a big deal – it can either attract new customers or keep your business hidden in the background. The appearance of your property is as importance as the appearance of your … Read more

Dealing with Damp

Finding damp in your property is never pleasant, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to prevent and deal with damp. Take a look at below our advice on dealing with damp. Find the source and control the spread Damp can be caused by a number of factors including leaks, cracks, blocked … Read more

Summer house jobs

Now that the summer is here, it’s the perfect time to clean up your house and get everything in order. Once you’ve got all the normal jobs done and made sure the inside of your home is nice and tidy, you should be careful not to forget about the outside of your home! There are … Read more


The architecture in Leeds encompasses a wide range of architectural styles and there are many notable buildings. As well as buildings from as far back as the Middle Ages (Kirkstall Abbey), the city consist of mainly builds from the Industrial Revolution. There’s are also a great many new buildings with the city centre undergoing much … Read more


The look of your building matters. It’s the first impression your clients get of you when they are visiting for that all important meeting. If you are serious about clinching the deal, sending the right signal starts from the outside. A clean building sends the message that you care about your surroundings. It reflects the … Read more

Cleaning a skyline

Manchester city centre’s skyline is about to undergo a drastic change. In the next few years a number of high-rise towers will bloom and change the skyline forever. Some of the builds have already started and planning permission has been given the go ahead for many more. As reported in the Manchester Evening News, as … Read more

Possible problems – Injected insulation

Interstitial condensation This is when the inner leaf of the wall after insulation becomes much warmer and this has a knock-on effect of pushing condensation away from the inner wall. This can cause condensation to form within the cavity because the dew-point, with warmer air, gets pushed back and out towards the cold outer wall, … Read more

Gutter Cleaning Advice

Gutter Cleaning is really important, yet a low cost job to do.  Removing leaves and tile moss from your gutter will reduce leaks in the longer term. If not, water can build up and cause damage to your roof and the outside of your home. This could lead to further problems with water damage, including … Read more

Overflow from blocked or broken gutters

Carrying out essential repairs and cleaning out gutters in the Spring and Autumn might seem like a menial task, but failure to do so can cause major problems for a home. From foundation damage to roof leaks, clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs when left untreated. Ways clogged and damaged gutters can damage a … Read more

Roof and chimney issues

Perform an Outdoor Inspection A visual inspection of your roof can help you spot missing and damaged tiles. If this type of damage is localised, roofing repairs might be able to address the problem. More extensive damage might necessitate roof replacement. Also keep in mind that not only the roof itself, but the chimney, ventilation … Read more

Advice for cleaning your windows

It’s recommended that you clean your windows at home at least twice a year. If you own an office building or a shop however, you may want to clean your windows more often to keep your building looking nice for prospective customers and clients. You may choose to clean your windows at home more often … Read more

High Access Cleaning Advice: Use the Right Equipment For the Job!

There are a lot of different jobs that will require high access cleaning. Whether you need to clean the windows on the second floor of your home or need to clean the whole side of a building, you need to make sure you’re using the right equipment for the job at hand. Ladders If you … Read more

Advice on stopping your pipes from freezing

It should come as no surprise that the cold winter weather can cause your pipes to freeze, potentially leading to your pipes bursting throughout your home. A burst pipe could potentially cause serious water damage to your home. This could be costly to deal with and is of course not an ideal situation to find yourslef … Read more

Keeping your home warm to prevent damp this winter

One of the main causes of damp and the spread of mould is cold weather and condensation. Excess warm moisture in the air such as steam or water vapour will cause condensation when it meets with colder temperatures that are common in winter. Condensation can also be caused by too much moisture in your home … Read more

Flood Damage Advice

Floods and heavy rainfall can have an immediate and devastating effect on homes and businesses. If not dealt with quickly and professionally, flood damage can cause more problems further along the line. Dealing with the aftermath of a flood can be an incredibly stressful experience, so it’s important to make the recovery and restoration process … Read more

Storm Angus and Flood Damage

Over the past few days, Storm Angus hit the UK bringing heavy rainfall across the country and winds of up 80mph. An amber warning was issued to an area stretching from Portsmouth to Sussex and across the Kent coast, with a yellow warning issued to an area covering Ipswich and Plymouth and rainfall levels expected … Read more

Advice on dealing with graffiti

Anyone who has ever tried to remove graffiti from their home or business will know how difficult it can be to do so. It can also take a lot of time to completely scrub the graffiti away, but if you use the right tools, equipment and techniques then you can reduce the time it takes … Read more

Preventing damp in your home

Damp in your home can be caused by a number of factors, the most likely being that a leak has been able to prevent the brickwork and build up moisture. Other causes could include plumbing leaks, damaged pipes and gutters or broken roof tiles. Damp could also be the result of flood and water damage … Read more

Causes of damp in a property

Leaks Leaks can often be a major cause of damp within a property leading to issues such as penetrating damp and wet rot. Generally, the result of a leak will be localised to one area of a wall. If you notice localised damp patches, check the following: Examine downpipes and gutters within the affected area Look … Read more

Don’t be misled over damp

Households could be spending hundreds of pounds on unnecessary damp-proofing treatment. Dark patches appearing on the wall, a musty smell, rotting wood – Discovering signs of damp in your home can be unpleasant, so companies offering a ‘free survey’ to examine symptoms and find a cure have obvious appeal, but be aware that these companies have … Read more

When is the tenant responsible for damp?

Most often condensation and mould is a by-product of the tenant’s activities in the property. Many of the things we do in our daily routine produce steam or heat variances that cause condensation to accumulate in certain areas of the property. Once condensation settles on the surfaces, the water droplets soak inside. Repeated exposures can … Read more

Effect of smoke and smoke damage

On Buildings The intensity of the fire will affect how much restoration work is possible. Additionally, there may also be some secondary water damage, due to water being introduced by the Fire Service to put the fire out. The effects of airborne smoke deposits may be visible throughout the property on surfaces, walls and ceilings. … Read more

When is the landlord responsible for damp?

The landlord is responsible for the exterior of the property, the supply of water and the maintenance of the plumbing. Any damage they cause to the interior will also be a responsibility of the landlord. Take a look at our list of possible causes: The property is not water tight If water gets in through the exterior … Read more

What is dry rot?

Dry Rot is a fungus that eats away at the cellulose component within wood, turning it brown and ultimately reducing the timber to a dry and crumbly state with noticeable cuboidal fractures. It is caused when dampness combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal attack. It can affect all types of … Read more

Removal of Mould and Cleaning-up after Water Leaks and Floods.

It is very important to clean up and dry-out the property immediately after water damage caused by flooding, water leaks and condensation, before mould spores have a chance to accumulate and grow. Take a look at our advice below for helpful tips in dealing with cleanup after flood and water damage in order to prevent … Read more

Protection when dealing with mould

When mould is disturbed, it can greatly increase the amount of mould spores present in the air. Follow these precautions when working with mouldy materials: Use rubber gloves Use eye goggles that seal out fine dust. Wear disposable overalls. Wear a medium to high-efficiency filter dust mask. Do not eat, drink or smoke in the … Read more

Methods used to identify sources of damp

Visual Inspection The main areas to focus your inspection: Down pipes and roof guttering Damp proof course issues Roof and flashing issues Age and construction of the property Internal escape of water issues Pointing issues General property maintenance issues of that property and other attached properties Local Research History of flooding from news articles Postcode … Read more

Fire Clean Up

Speed of Response Ash and smoke, if left unhindered, will cause extensive corrosion, etching and discolouration, not to mention lingering powerful odours. Professionals that clean after fire and smoke damage can stop this before it becomes a major problem, assuming they are contacted soon enough. Within 48 Hours Metal and UPVC fixtures are restorable as … Read more

Procedure to follow if you have a fire or flood at your property

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES AFTER FIRE & SMOKE DAMAGE Follow these tips if your property has been effected by fire & smoke damage. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help with fire & smoke damage to commercial and private property. Assessing the damaged areas Carrying out safety checks, if required, … Read more

Drying Buildings

Speed of response A speedy response to a flood or moisture incident is very important to limit further deterioration in the building and content. The drying out process should begin as soon as possible following the initial moisture intrusion. The longer building materials and structural assemblies are exposed to moisture the deeper it will penetrate … Read more


What is condensation? It is one of the most common causes of damp within homes and occurs when large quantities of water vapour from general everyday living become trapped within a property. When the warm moist damp air comes into contact with cooler air, or a surface which is at a lower temperature, the result … Read more

Answers to commonly asked questions when drying a property

We have put together a quick list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when drying a property. For more information on what to do if your home or business has been effected by water or flooding, take a look at our flood & water damage page. For more information on our … Read more

wooden wall blasting

How To Get Paint Off Brickwork

Paint removal from brick, stonework or timber is a very specialist service and when appointing a contractor to carry out this work you must be very careful as a lot of damage can be caused if the wrong method is used. There are a few systems available on the market Media Blasting (Commonly known as … Read more

Jurys Inn Brighton Facade Cleaning

Building cleaning at the Jury’s Waterfront Hotel brighton

Building cleaning and particularly high access cleaning, it can be challenging, needs specialist equipment and you need lots of experience to do it really well. Thankfully that is what CPL have been doing for the last 19 years. We have cleaned some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK. Our specialist equipment and experience … Read more

Fire Cleaning At Snows BMW Portsmouth

Fire Clean-up The Cause Of The Fire Fire gutted the BMW showroom and workshops, with extensive fire damage to an isolated area but every extensive smoke damage to the rest of the building. Fire crews were called to the BMW Snow’s premises in the evening and fire tenders were still making safe until 3am the … Read more

Flooding In Your Business

Flooding in your business could destroy your livelihood, family and possessions. Flooding is rapid when it happens and can occur many miles away from the down pour or the the source. The effects of flood are undoubtably devastating. You often see the TV images of floods that have happened in recent years across the UK. … Read more

Industrial Cleaning Guildford.

Industrial Cleaning Guildford carried out by Charles Piton Limited. We specialises in delivering the best industrial and commercial cleaning services Guildford has to offer. With many years’ experience providing an extensive range of cleaning services, we have the expertise to offer anything you need. If you are an office block or have buildings that require … Read more

Industrial Cleaning Dorking.

An Industrial Cleaning Company in Dorking specialises in delivering the best industrial and commercial cleaning services Dorking has to offer. With many years’ experience providing an extensive range of cleaning services, CPL have the expertise to offer anything you need. If you are an office block or have buildings that require industrial or commercial cleaning, … Read more

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