TORC Building Cleaning In London

We are a leading specialist cleaning company offering a huge range of industrial cleaning options to commercial and residential clients in London. Our competitively priced cleaning services include our highly effective TORC stone blast cleaning system. TORC is the ideal cleaning option for the ultimate deep cleaning results for any stone. It’s a highly effective yet gentle cleaning option for stone surfaces, without any worry of damage.

How does the TORC cleaning system work?

TORC is an evolution of the highly acclaimed JOS cleaning system. The TORC cleaning system uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide a gentle, deep clean for stone surfaces.
The TORC’s most distinctive feature is a revolving nozzle, which creates a gentle swirling vortex using compressed air. The unique nozzle is modularised into separate components and uses even less water and granulate than the original JOS system.

The granulate mix is minimal, but is used to achieve a gentle clean. It is completely safe for subtle and historical stone surfaces. With the TORC cleaning system, there is no danger of surface cracking, erosion or structural damage to the substrate.

What can be cleaned with the TORC system?

The TORC system is an effective cleaning method for all stone surfaces. It effectively removes mainly inflexible matter such as:

  • Carbon sulphating
  • Lime and cement-based paint
  • Paint residues
  • Some old oil-based paint
  • Bitumen
  • Limescale

TORC cleaning can be used on large surface areas or more intricate parts of buildings. The TORC cleaning system is preferred by many historic building organisations because it is a gentle cleaning method, and doesn’t damage surfaces, unlike the sandblasting methods of the past.

Why choose us?

We have many years experience carrying out industrial cleaning using the latest processes and state-of-the-art equipment. We are dedicated to offering a supreme cleaning service, and our professionally trained operatives get all cleaning work done to an exceptionally high standard on time. Our prices are competitive and we understand the intricacies of cleaning all types of surfaces, which is why we use the TORC system for stone.

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