Paint Removal London

CPL t/a Rainbow International offer a wide range of cleaning solutions in London, including paint removal. Our paint removal service is available for all sizes of building, residential and commercial. Whatever paintwork we are faced with removing, we will always get the job done effectively and leave your building looking like new.

We use the latest environmentally friendly products and cleaning solutions to provide a range of paint removal services for commercial and domestic customers. We will visit the site and carry out a thorough assessment before our experienced operatives get on with the task of removing the paint. We’ll use an appropriate cleaning method for the job in hand.

We carefully remove paint to protect the integrity of the building underneath, leaving you with a property restored to perfection. Every job is assessed individually to meet health and safety, local authority and planned cleaning requirements.

Graffiti inside an abandoned building

The DOFF and TORC cleaning systems

We have specialist industrial equipment available, such as the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems, to ensure that paint is completely removed from stone, brick and concrete without damaging the integrity of the surface beneath.

The DOFF system uses steam and water heated to 150°C to effectively remove paint without the need for any harmful chemicals. The TORC system uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide an equally gentle and effective method for paint removal. The TORC system is great for residual paint and also works for some old oil-based paints.

Media Blasting

Depending on the surface, some paint removal is most effectively achieved using Media Blasting. Media blasting involves propelling abrasive agents using compressed air. The type of abrasive used is carefully chosen to effectively remove paint without causing any surface damage.

Why remove paint from your building?

Natural building materials need to be able to breathe. They should be able to absorb moisture and release it through evaporation. The problem with modern paints is the fact that they block or impede the natural cycle of wetting and drying. This allows moisture to become trapped in brick or stonework, which leads to decay.

Why choose us?

We are proud to have an outstanding reputation with our clients. Our prices are competitive, our professional team are all fully trained, and we use nothing but the latest and the best cleaning products and equipment.

We are leading experts for paint removal in London. Our reputation precedes us, and we know once you’ve tried us you’ll not fail to be impressed with our professional, friendly and efficient services. You can rely on our experience and expertise to choose the best paint removal cleaning method for your property. Why not give us a call and let us restore your building to its former glory?

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