High Level Building Cleaning in London

Cleaning Industrial Services offers an extensive high level cleaning service in London and across the South East. We have a specialist team of cleaners trained for high access cleaning in even the most difficult of places.

Whether your building is two storeys tall or twenty, no property is too big. And no access to your building is too difficult, whether it be on a main road or a restricted access side street. We have the expertise and the equipment to clean every last square inch of your building, bringing immaculate cleaning to any hard to reach locations.

The benefits of high level cleaning

Maintaining a building inside and out can be a huge undertaking. It’s especially easy to overlook the parts of the property that are hard to reach, and see the cleaning of them as an unnecessary cost. High level cleaning inside a building is also important as a build up of dirt can present health and safety risks.

Without regular cleaning and proper maintenance, both the inside and the outside of a property can quickly start to look shabby, and pose risks. Buildings can quickly fall into disrepair and cost more to put right in the long term. A clean building not only looks much more welcoming, you’ll have peace of mind that grime and disrepair aren’t becoming a problem you aren’t aware of until it’s a problem.

Our dedicated, qualified team

We have a fully trained, specialist team of high level cleaners in London. Our team are well versed in safety at higher levels and are experts at cleaning all types of buildings to the highest levels and to the highest standards. They have experience of working on some of the most difficult buildings in London.

Our extensive knowledge of working at high levels means we know no bounds when it comes to cleaning and maintaining high level areas. We can bring the sparkle back to any tired building. Our building maintenance team will keep everything in good repair at high levels so your property stays in tip top condition.

Our safety record

At Cleaning Industrial Services our safety record is exemplary. All of our specialist, high level cleaners are fully trained. We have specialist safety equipment to make sure all of your high level cleaning is carried out carefully without any risk.

What needs to be cleaned and maintained at high level?

All parts of a building will benefit from regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Hard to access areas which may need cleaning include:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Cladding
  • Masonry
  • Guttering
  • Facades
  • Roofing
  • Chimneys
  • Inside – tracks for cabling, light fittings, ceilings, beams, ventilation shafts

Why choose us?

At Cleaning Industrial Services we have built a reputable high access cleaning service in London. We offer specialist cleaners using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your building is cleaned as thoroughly and efficiently as possible in all of those hard to reach places. Whether it’s a one-off, high level clean or a regular maintenance programme you need, we are on call to carry out the work at a time to suit you, with the least disruption to your day.

We regularly clean for private and commercial clients and local authorities. We are proud of our consistent high standards and high quality finish across all of our projects.

Get in touch

For all of you high level cleaning and maintenance needs in London call us for a quote today on 03300 240 699. One of our friendly professional team are waiting for your call and will be happy to discuss all of your high level cleaning requirements.