Building Cleaning Services London

For all of your building cleaning requirements in London, CPL t/a Rainbow International are a first-rate cleaning company you can trust. We are a leading specialist cleaning company offering a comprehensive range of cleaning services across London and throughout the South East. Many of our building cleans are after Fire and Flood.

Our London Services:

For all aspects of residential and commercial property cleaning, both inside and outside, we have skilled cleaning operatives and cleaning methods to match the job. We use the latest cleaning processes and state-of-the-art equipment to bring perfect results every time.

We specialise in using the right method of cleaning for the job, and we’ll always take care to avoid unnecessary chemicals that we know can cause harm to some surfaces. For heritage buildings and delicate surfaces we have the renowned DOFF and TORC cleaning systems to preserve surfaces, but get them looking like new. We care about cleaning and we care about your property.

Whatever your cleaning requirements, we have a specialist team to assist. From high level cleaning of difficult to reach property aspects to an ultimate deep clean of any private, commercial or public property, we pride ourselves on exceptional cleaning standards and getting jobs done on time.

Our cleaning services include DOFF cleaning, TORC cleaning, beam cleaning, paint removal, high level cleaning and media blasting. We are experts in every aspect of cleaning. Find out more about the expert cleaning services we offer below.

DOFF cleaning London

We use our DOFF cleaning system extensively in London. With so many beautiful heritage buildings in London, it’s often the cleaning method of choice.

DOFF is a specialist steam cleaning system and is the ultimate cleaning choice for eradicating dirt and eliminating biological matter from all stonework and masonry. It removes all grime and unwanted material without the use of harmful chemicals and without surface abrasion.

The DOFF cleaning system cleans ingrained contaminants from a great number of surfaces. These include all stone surfaces, as well as marble, plus brickwork, tiled surfaces (including roofs), metals and commercial cladding.

TORC cleaning London

The TORC cleaning system is an evolution of the highly acclaimed JOS system. The TORC cleaning system uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide a gentle, deep clean for stone surfaces.

For any stone building in London, the TORC cleaning method will bring stone inside and out back to looking like new.  It is completely safe for subtle and historical stone surfaces.

Beam cleaning London

We offer specialist cleaning services for oak, antique timber and all wooden ceiling beams. Our specialist cleaners at CPL t/a Rainbow International will clean any beams, including antique beams, and can also remove paint from beams that have been painted black. We choose the optimum cleaning method with the minimum impact to lovingly and gently restore beams to their former glory. Many beams we see have been damaged by fire or water. To see how our fire cleaning service works click here.

We specialise in preserving the charm and attractiveness of buildings in London and we’ll use appropriate cleaning methods and state-of-the-art equipment to get your beams clean to show them off in all their rustic glory.

Paint removal London

We use the latest environmentally friendly products and cleaning solutions to provide a range of paint removal services for commercial and domestic customers in London. We are leading experts in paint removal so you know with us you’ll be getting the job done using an appropriate technique.

As part of our paint removal service, we will visit the site and carry out a thorough assessment to ascertain the most appropriate method of paint removal for your building. We aim to use the least invasive method to protect the integrity of your property, but effectively remove paint to leave your building just how it should be.

Our paint removal cleaning methods include the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems and Media Blasting where appropriate. Our cleaning operatives are all fully trained in finding the best paint removal system for the particular surface involved.

High level cleaning London

London is filled with properties of all shapes and sizes and no job is too big for our specialist high level cleaning team at CPL t/a Rainbow International. Our high-level cleaning service in London will make sure you don’t have to worry about your building accumulating dirt in those difficult to reach places.

We have the expertise and the equipment to clean every last square inch of your building, bringing immaculate cleaning to any hard to reach locations. For all of those hard to access areas, like windows, skylights, cladding, guttering, roofing, masonry, facades, chimneys, and inside ceilings, tracking, light fittings, ventilation shafts, atriums and more, CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International have the will and the way to clean every last inch of your property inside and out.

Access is never a problem, we have every solution covered. We have extensive experience of cleaning some of London’s trickiest buildings.

Media blasting London

Our high tech media blasting service in London will get soot, smoke damage, old paintwork, ageing beams, and dirty brick, stone and metalwork clean of surface contaminants effectively, leaving your property looking like new.

CPL t/a Rainbow International are experts in advising the best method for getting properties, both residential and commercial, cleaned to perfection. We’ll use media blasting where appropriate and we’ll choose the right abrasive for the designated surface. You can trust we’ll do an exceptional job with exactly the right cleaning method to preserve your property.

Media blasting is a fabulous technique for the refurbishment of insides and outsides of properties. It involves propelling abrasive agents through a blasting nozzle using compressed air. Our extensively trained expert operatives will make sure your London property gets cleaned without any damage. We know you’ll be delighted with the results

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